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Fan film takes on ‘Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness’

marvel zombies

Inspired by the 2007 Marvel/Dynamite Entertainment crossover Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness, director/editor Brian Rosenthal and his co-writer Eli David have crafted a short film that begins with Peter Parker, Gwen Stacey and a mysterious bag on the eve of the zombie outbreak … and then turns into something else. Namely, a showdown between Ash Williams and an undead Wolverine.

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That was awesome. Great job of capturing all the Ash-isms. If they started a kick starter I would donate to see more.

Great… now how long before Disney puts out a cease and desist letter….? This was well done though…. but we know that Disney hates fun… unless they can profit from it…

Good flick, but piss poor Spider-man relying on Gwen to kill Zombie and no Spider sense, basically could have used J Jonah Jameson, or anyone really. Sorry, opinions are like arseholes though…

how in the world did Logan became a zombie???

Damnit!! Marvel already got to it.

Marvel is such a piece of crap. DC let the Batman “Dead End” stay up. The fans show much support for their movies in the Box Office… Disney already grossed the highest amount from films in a given year ever already. Greedy scum not letting fans give back to the comic community.

Maybe the title should have been less than obvious. Dirty Laundry (Punisher) & Truth in Journalism (Venom) have been left alone.

I hope someone leaks it eventually.

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