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For the ‘Sandman’ fan who has everything: $500 Silver Edition


With the holidays rapidly approaching, you may be wondering what to buy that special Neil Gaiman fan in your life. If you have a generous budget, and really like this person, you may want to consider the limited-edition Sandman Omnibus Silver Edition from DC Comics.

Like the standard Omnibus, it’s a two-volume hardcover collection of the entire 75-issue run of The Sandman, released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the landmark series. Of course, it comes with additional bells and whistles, like a slipcase, silver-gilded pages and a numbered art page autographed by Gaiman himself. Only 500 copies will be printed, so you’ll score serious points with that Sandman enthusiast.

But here’s where you have to decide just how special that Gaiman fan is to you: The Sandman Omnibus Silver Edition costs a whopping $499.95 … plus shipping. It’s limited to one per customer, in case you had any ideas about stocking stuffers.





I have to wonder, but editor or marketing person somewhere decided that books like that were a good idea? they’re so annoying and awkward to read when they’re that size.

its like this is clearly something would pay 500 for just to have on their shelf and never try and read because its just so damn awkward to attempt to do.

At $500 chances are anyone who purchases this has read The Sandman, and bought this purely as a collectors item. If someone tries to read this I’d have a heart attack.

Forget book shelf, this would go right on the coffee table. Or be the coffee table by the size of it.

It’s good only for bragging rights

The dollar signs in DC’s eyes when the marketing team came up with this.

Hey Ryan,

I hope the medical professionals can save you, I got this for Christmas and opened it on the spot.

Enjoy your books!

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