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Jim Cheung offers sneak peek at his ‘Miracleman’


Marvel recently debuted Paolo Rivera and Mike Deodato Jr.’s covers for the long-promised return of Miracleman, and while no one was looking, Jim Cheung unveiled a glimpse of his own take on the character. “Thrilled to be working on this!” the artist wrote on his blog.

The publisher, which announced in 2009 that it had acquired the rights to the British hero, will begin reprinting Marvelman stories in January. New material by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham likely won’t appear until 2016.

“I know that it seems like a long way away, but the material is finally going to see the light of day and will remain in print, and I think for that, we can all be grateful,” Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada told CBR earlier this month. “To me, it’s a travesty that there are readers who have not only not been exposed to the original stories, but don’t even had a way to easily access them.”




I really wish he’d get more variance in his faces.

Wow – yeah, same thought Ceebiro. I love his artwork, but man, are all his faces the same…

I’ll be fascinated to see if they censor the Alan Moore run. There’s a highly detailed and explicit birthing scene – baby’s head exiting vaginal canal and everything – plus a few issues later the entire city of London gets tortured mutilated and murdered – in horrific sickening detail. It will certainly have to be a Max book no matter what.

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