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Pichelli’s ‘Ms. Marvel’ cover gives nod to Frank’s ‘Supergirl’ #1


As noticed by CBR Senior Editor Stephen Gerding, the first cover to the freshly announced new Ms. Marvel series, illustrated by Sara Pichelli, appears to be an homage to Gary Frank’s cover to debut issue of another comic starring a teenage girl hero, 1996’s Supergirl #1 — from the angle to the blank background to the juxtaposition of casual wear with superhero iconography.

That volume of Supergirl lasted 80 issues, so it could be a good portent for the Ms. Marvel book, which features a Muslim teenager named Kamala Khan stepping into the title role, in a series written by G. Willow Wilson and illustrated by Adrian Alphona.

ms marvel1



I’m going to read the stuffing out of this book even though I’m not a fan of Wilson.

Another parallel is that both are books starring legacy characters. That Supergirl wasn’t Kara Zor-El, the original (and current) Supergirl, but her mid-90s equivalent Linda Danvers. It is kind of appropriate, as well as a great cover to homage.

I’m at homage-fatigue with covers, even though the execution on this is well done. Nice personality and fashion choices — same reason I’ve always loved Gary Frank’s original Supergirl cover. Would like to have seen an ‘after Frank’ nod form Pichelli in her signature to acknowledge the inspiration.

I made that revelation, too. Interestingly, that was AFTER that version of Supergirl lost her shapeshifting powers.

The Ms. Marvel cover is incredibly rad in its own right. I love how Pichelli wallops a lot of emotion just by illustrating the corners of the mouth.

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