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Quote of the Day | DC’s Dan DiDio on Al Plastino’s legacy

From Action Comics #252

From Action Comics #252

“When you think of Superman in the 1950s, only a handful of artists come to mind – and Al Plastino’s one of them. Along with the likes of Wayne Boring and Curt Swan, Plastino brought a level of humanity to Superman that had never been seen before. This amazing, super-human being now had a smile like you or me. He brought out the human side of a modern myth. It was nuanced but game changing. We can’t thank him enough for his work at DC, and we’re thinking of all those close to him during this difficult time.”

– DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, discussing the work of prolific Superman artist Al Plastino, who passed away at age 91



A lovely tribute to a terrific artist. RIP Al.

You know what would be a lovely tribute to Mr. Plastino? If they’d let Superman show some humanity again, maybe let him smile again, maybe let Supergirl be as appealing and likeable as she is in that second panel.

“A smile?” Are those even allowed in the New DCU? I thought everything had to be done with gritted teeth and a grim expression. Plastino’s work is too good for what they’re doing now. One of the finest Superman artists of them all.

How about we leave the bitching and moaning for a different blog and just make positive comments about Al Plastino.

Al – truly a class act. His Superman is one of the defining versions of the character for me. Simple, but intricate all the same time. A true master of sequential art.

Seriously, this is a place to show respect, not to bitch about The New 52.

Didio is a hypocrite. Didio and DC have done the best they could to WIPE OUT the legacy of Al Plastino, Curt Swan, and all the other greats.

By the way, read Adventures of Superman. That is classic Superman. The one you want to read/see.

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