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Rare ‘Magic’ ‘Alpha Black Lotus’ card sells for $27,302

magic-black lotusWe’ve become accustomed to reading about rare comic books — even those found in the walls of old houses — fetching high prices at auction, but it may come as a surprise to learn that collectors are laying down big bucks for certain Magic: The Gathering cards, too. (Or maybe it’s not so surprising; I admit my knowledge of the game is limited to glimpses of people playing it in the back of comic shops.)

WhatSellsBest reports that a 1993 “Alpha Black Lotus” card sold this week on eBay for $27,302, apparently not because it adds 3 mana of any single color of the player’s choice to his or her mana pool, but rather because it’s so rare: just 1,100 were released. In addition, the 20-year-old card is in mint condition, receiving a grade of 9.5 from Beckett.

Widely considered the Holy Grail for Magic collectors, a 9.5-graded “Alpha Black Lotus” previously sold for $25,000, according to the video below from Graded Magic Cards.

(via Kotaku)



This never happens . . . outside of this one time . . . okay two . . .

The other 1098 cards are in some grandma’s attic so . . . yeah.

You should buy cards for the joy, not for the 1 in a million chance. Same as comics. Speculators destroy everything.

How much do you think a 9.0 grade would sell for. Would love to cash it in.

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