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Real-life archer is a match for Hawkeye and Green Arrow


In recent years, depictions of archery in comic books, movies and television series have come under more scrutiny for everything from the way the bow is held to the odds of hitting a target from so far away. As such, it must be a particularly tough time to be writing and drawing Hawkeye and Green Arrow.

But before you groan at that next shot taken from the back of a car, or the rapid-fire arrows that pin an opponent to the fall, take a look at these two videos featuring Danish archer Lars Anderson, who very well may be a superhero. The first effectively pits him against Legolas from The Lord of the Rings, using an ancient technique to hit seven targets in 4.9 seconds (actually faster than the fictional Elf), while the second may be even cooler, as Anderson shoots (and scores) from the back of a Harley.

Of course, there’s no word yet as to how he’d fare with a boomerang arrow … or a boxing-glove arrow.

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Impressive, I would love to try this one day.

Wow. Those certainly are impressive skills. Well done!
I mean,I think it goes without saying that his skills don’t hold a candle up to the likes of Green Arrow and Hawkeye (fictional comic book characters),but it’s just a title :P
You have a gift,sir.

Gilberto Dorneles da Rocha

November 19, 2013 at 4:01 am

What’s the bow strenght? With a real bow I doubt he could get even 1 shot every other second.

Awesome…..He shows what can be done when archery is looked at as a weapon of war and not a sport.

What do you mean? “Real bow” the Native Americans and Africans shot with bows of similar draw weight and so not calling it a “real” bow is kind of silly.

That’s very impressive! Usually when you see this kind of stuff on movies and tv you’d think that it’s not real but apparently it is. One doesn’t often realize that people knew more about somethings (like archery in this case) hundreds of years ago than we do today.

Boomerang arrow, because, you know, boomerang.

Gilberto Dorneles da Rocha: In the first video, he punched through chain armor with a modern not-that-sharp-tipped arrow, while firing at his psychotically-fast speed. It didn’t look like the arrow went very deep, but it looked like it would be deep enough to give a significant wound — maybe not mortal, but definitely practical.

There may well have been different schools of archery — perhaps the English longbow style was a heavier draw, with a slower shot speed — the truly heavy bows we’ve found historically have largely been English. But a lot of historical archery was horse-archery, and I imagine that the draw strength that he’s using would be similar to that strength, especially for pre-stirrup horse archers.

Punching through chain was never the problem. There are historical accounts of crusaders riding around while looking like pincushions for all the Saracen arrows they were shot with. The problem is that penetrating the metal rings then robs the arrow of its velocity. After which the arrow fails to dig through the the padded armour beneath the chain.

And the padded armour people wore was good. Good enough to be armour by itself. Late medieval quilted armour could stop the thrusts of some swords even!

what i want to know is can he penetrate real armour

Green aroow can shoot 92 arrows a minuite miss none shoot a waterdrop in half from range while doing a summersault and he never misses the tital is very deceptive but the man with the skills is absolutly amazing just to think a real person can do stuff like that is amazing props to him he deserves to be praised but sertainly not compaired to two of the graitest archers in all of media ever

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