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Sif journeys to Midgard’s Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


Thor: The Dark World actress Jaimie Alexander donned her Sif garments again recently on a trip to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, spending an afternoon visiting with young patients. has posted a massive photo gallery of Alexander as Sif with many patients and staff, who were able to pose with the Asgardian warrior and in some cases, even hold her weapons. The actress also gave out signed Thor DVDs and posters.

Check out the highlights of Alexander’s trip to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles below.






That’s great.

Jamie and her Sif are awesome. I hope cinematic Thor will notice this one day. :)

That is so cool. I have multiple myeloma…in incurable bone marrow cancer, so it makes me cry whenever I hear people doing things for the sick kids.

I wish Sif and the Warriors Three had been a larger part of the Thor: The Dark World. As it was, I loved Sif in it for sure.

My darling daughter Lily passed away almost a year ago from Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. She and I loved watching superhero movies, especially Marvel movies together. Seeing Jaimie Alexander as Sif and playing with her weapons would have put a smile on her face. Reading about it put a smile on mine.

@sue, you’re sooo right! Maybe (although I doubt it) we’ll get a Sif film someday.

I can’t imagine they’d actually make a Sif film. The most we can hope for (and I think it’s a fair bet) is that Portman will get tired of playing Foster and the producers will find it hard to keep finding ways for her character to be relevant in Thor’s stories. Sif on the other hand, fits in his world like a glove and I imagine Alexander would welcome more screen time as Sif.

For the love of god why isn’t she playing Wonder Woman?

Beautiful. Alexander is truly a hero for making this effort when she didn’t have to.

Very nice. Kudos to her and Marvel for doing this.

Jamie Alexander is so cool. I hope she gets a bigger role in the next movie. And becomes Wonder Woman.

This woman is…CLASSY!

So great to see Marvel take advantage of the good will and massive exposure of their characters. Doing this can really make a difference in people’s lives – even if it’s just a day. Major Kudos to Alexander for taking the time to do this!

I can’t speak for the children, but I know that I would have loved to have experienced something like this when I was stuck in a hospital from pneumonia. It’s really lonely when you’re stuck in the ICU room all by yourself. The only thing that kept me company was a copy of Amazing Spider-man, which my mom bought for me from the bookstore near the lobby.

That’s so sweet! Nice seeing her take the time to do this.

Can’t they do a Thor-related short featuring Sif, Loki and the Warriors Three, like they have done for, let’s say, Peggy Carter in the Avengers DVD?

Hospitals are cold and often scary places, especially for sick children. Much respect to Ms. Alexander for taking the time out of her very busy schedule to not only pay a visit to those brave children, but in full costume/character, no less! Clearly Ms. Alexander understands that hope is one’s greatest ally against illness.

This only makes me like her even more!

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