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Superman’s a pain in the neck in ‘Man of Steel: The Animated Series’


Although the Superman-doesn’t-kill controversy surrounding Man of Steel has died down significantly since the film’s June premiere, it will probably flare up a little with the Blu-ray release next week. And so while Screen Junkies is definitely late for Round 1, it’s coming out swinging with its send-up “Man of Steel: The Animated Series.”

There’s no point in spoiling the brief video, so I’ll just say that, as the title suggests, it combines the morality and logic of the film with the tone and look of the beloved cartoon, with comical results.



Somewhat amusing, but inaccurate. It wasn’t Nolan who wanted NotSoSuperman to kill Zod, it was Snyder and Goyer, a.k.a. The Men Who Killed Superman.

Nolan was against it, which both Goyer and Snyder admit.

So dumb. People need to get over it. It was a good movie and I’m betting any of the “flaws” in Supes’ portrayal will be rectified in BvS.


BvS can’t retroactively fix MoS. Look at the disaster that was Red Hood and the Outsiders #1

Nobody complained about Superman killing Zod in Superman II.

Thats because he didn’t violently snap his neck like a psychopath in Superman II.

..And pretty much destroy Metropolis.

In Superman II, Clark laughs as he nudges a depowered and defenseless Zod to his death, instead of resorting to the feat as a last resort and deeply mourning his actions like in Man of Steel. If either character is the psychopath, it’s the Superman II version of Supes.

Why do people keep bringing up Superman II?
It’s a shitty movie that gets shittier on subsequent viewings.
You might as well be invoking Steel or Catwoman.

I agree with Ryan. And I loved MOS!! As for the whole destroying Metropolis…ACTION COMICS! The Avengers had lots of destruction too. I’m looking forward to BvS.

No Rollo, Superman II was great compared to Superman III and IV.

That was great and sums up everything that was wrong with the movie! :) Except for the Nolan part which has been already pointed out. It was all David Goyer who thought “Killer Superman” was a genius idea.

Nothing like a bunch of over sensitive and irrational Superman “fans” whinging about MOS once again…

Superman 2 was written in an innocent and unrealistic manner that worked at the time but is laughable today. And I love that film! Disco-clad Kryptonian super villains using their super breath to blow away the public, including a roller-skating Disco Stu, and no one getting seriously hurt. Minimal property damage. Everyone saved, although I did notice one lady holding her hurt shoulder calling out, “Superman, please help us.” not bad for someone who had a building fall on them.

Sometimes the only way to save countless lives is to sacrifice one (particularly if that one person is intent on killing everyone.) I guess “fans” like Dr Chaos, who appears to live in Happy Land (full of rainbows and fluffy clouds), also think Police Officers and Soldiers are also psychopaths as well.

I don’t know why everyone makes a big deal out of half of Metropolis being destroyed. Superman was someone who little combat training and thrown into a fight with Zod who was a trained general. His only focus was stopping Zod, he had no time to evacuate. You can’t say he could have lured Zod away because that might not have worked. This isn’t Dragon Ball Z where someone like Goku can suggest fighting away from civilization and they fly hours out of their way to the middle of no where to fight and the whole time the bad guy never once tries to sneak attack them. I don’t think Zod would go for something like that. Plus it is pretty obvious that Luther is going to pay to rebuild the city so we know it is going to be addressed in Superman Batman. Also it is an action movie. People die all the time in action movies from things like buildings being destroyed.

As for the killing I can care less since Superman had to kill Zod and even if you can find a way to prove he didn’t it doesn’t bother me. So what if he killed. I don’t mind a little change. Also on a side note I consider Batman to have killed Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins. To me saying “I’m not going to kill you, but I don’t have to save you” to a weak Ra’s on a train about the crash is killing him and I had no problem with that.

I agree with Unit99. Superman II was indeed great compared to Superman III and IV. Though I still like Spiderman more.

I don’t think it matter whose idea it is. Man of Steel is the one giving the Christopher Nolan story credit, so he’s responsible for aspects of the story.

Funny video. Although I think it’s by Screen Junkies, not Screen Crush as the article states.

While I found the animation very amusing (especially the Jimmy Olsen part), Just because Superman killed Zod in MOS doesn’t mean he will resort to that again. His emotional response to killing Zod is an indication that he didn’t take pleasure in it and that would just might be his motivation to never do it again. He was raised by good people who would never approve of killing, so that is why he dropped to his knees and cried, even for someone as evil as Zod, who likely deserved what he got. To Kal/Clark, it was wrong and it will haunt him for a while.

I didn’t like it. Seemed totally Family Guy. Not funny at all.

Superman did not kill Zod. Zod committed “Suicide By Cop.”

Superman didn’t kill anyone in Superman II.

“Suicide By Cop” involves getting shot by cops not cops breaking someones neck…

“Suicide By Cop” is forcing the cops to kill you. Technically Superman is not a police officer( although he was working in an unofficical cooperation with the US Army at the time ), but the term still applies. Zod wanted to die. He told Superman that the fight could only end with one of their deaths, he threatened to kill every last human on the planet, and he directly threatened a family of innocent by-standers with his heat vision until he was granted the death he wanted. This is the same as if Zak Snyder started shooting up a shopping mall until the police arrived, and kept shooting at civilians and cops alike until the police shot him down.

Superman 3 was the S- bomb, between the hilarious opening similiar to Batman movie, to him acting evil and going around banging floozies, that movie’s got it all – action, suspense, humor, romance

and the Hypno Kiss! greatest piece of Superman Lore ever

For all the talk about how anguished Superman is about killing Zod, he gets over it pretty quickly in the film: he makes out with Lois, jokes about with the military, and that’s it. Massive tonal whiplash.


Jason M. Bryant

November 7, 2013 at 8:13 am

I think this does a great job of showing why some comic fans really disliked the movie. It shows just how resistant they were to judging the movie fairly.

This short shows Superman casually killing someone as if it is no big deal. That’s incredibly far from what was in the movie.

The movie was Superman failing. He didn’t want to kill Zod. He tried everything he could to avoid it, but there was no other way. It’s not even just that Zod was about to fry some people. Zod was a trained military man who mastered powers in days that Clark had spent years learning. As far as Clark new, Zod could surpass him rapidly and become unstoppable. Clark had to kill him.

That decision was horrible for him. The scenes with Pa Kent showed that Pa had done a great job of teaching Clark that fighting and hurting people was wrong and should be avoided. After Clark killed Zod, he broke down because of what he’d done. It wasn’t easy for him, it was a huge loss.

That’s what shows, better than anything else, how important life is to Superman. If he’s so powerful that he can always save everyone, even the worst villain, then he never has to confront what happens when he fails to save someone.

I’m glad I heard a spoiler about Superman killing Zod before I saw the movie. I think I was more accepting of the story because of it.

I agree with the “suicide by cop” notion. Zod was a man who had nothing to live for anymore and he decided that that was it for him and forced Superman’s hand.

As for destroying Metropolis, that didn’t happen. The World Engine wrecked downtown Metropolis, but the massive city itself (which we see Superman and Zod flying through in their fight) was mostly intact.

@ j: Superman 3 didn’t have a hypnokiss. That was Superman 2 & 4.

For those who praise Richard Donner and vilify Richard Lester, let’s never forget that Donner was the one who came up with the hypno-kiss and the time travel deus ex machina, while Lester’s Superman 3 was as close as you can get to making a movie about Silver Age Superman.

But, yeah, j… I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or what, but I genuinely love Superman 3.

I don’t mind that Supes kills Zod. What I do mind is the lack of concern for any life – human or otherwise – that is shown prior to that. The movie needed to set up just how against killing he was before he finally resorts to killing.

“For those who praise Richard Donner and vilify Richard Lester, let’s never forget that Donner was the one who came up with the hypno-kiss and the time travel deus ex machina, while Lester’s Superman 3 was as close as you can get to making a movie about Silver Age Superman.”

The kiss was something Lester put in. In the audio commentary for the Donner cut of the film he talks about having to decide if he wanted to keep the kiss or reuse the turn back time idea. He reused the time travel idea because he didn’t like the kiss.

@ El Santo

I would agree with you re: Superman 3, if Superman himself hadn’t been relegated to a supporting character in his own movie. While I enjoy the film, it is unforgivable that Lester and the producers allowed the film to be hijacked by Richard Pryor. It is primarily a Pryor comedy – and a pretty bad one at that. Only Reeve’s performance partially saves the film and gives it some dignity. Flaming penguins, a man drowning in his own car, and Richard Pryor skiing off a high-rise building and surviving! Ugh! At least DVD allows you to fast forward through any scene featuring Pryor!

Superman 4, for all it’s huge faults, is at least a film primarily about Superman. It’s a shame that the funding was cut so drastically and prevented Reeve from fulfilling his vision for the film. I would have loved to have seen that film with a Superman: The Movie budget and a director as talented as Donner. It certainly could have been an epic film.


That doesn’t make any sort of narrative sense – having a stance against killing when you’ve never been put in a situation in which you’ve had to decide whether or not to take a life. That’s why Goyer put it in- now that Superman has been forced into that position he will train himself, perfect his skills to become the best Superman he can be and never have to make that choice again. Prior to that situation he was a farm boy who had never been in a fight ( which the film clearly showed ) and was clearly unskilled. He’d been Superman for a day at best – I doubt he’d ever thought about whether or not he’d be in a position to decide to take a life.

The whole, ” I will never, ever, EVER take a human life just because it’s wrong!” is the height of bad comic-book writing. The character needs a reason to have such a stance. Ask any police officer who has drawn his gun, if they’d want to do it again – the answer is no. And that is only after going through the experience of having to take a life, or injure a person to prevent loss of life. Now Superman has been through that process – I’m interested to see where they take it when he meets Batman.

Haha, that was hilarious. I found absolutely nothing wrong with the way Man of Steel ended. Probably one of the most powerful scenes in a comic book movie. I’m glad it was done that way, it created a great foundation for the building of Superman’s characterization. I find it similar to James Bond’s foundation in Casino Royale where it built up his characterization to Skyfall.

The art work looks old-fashioned.

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