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The Joker’s new arch-enemies: the street artists of Tehran

joker graffiti

Combining the style of Heath Ledger’s Joker with the taste in art of Jack Nicholson’s, a mysterious figure is making enemies of the street artists of Tehran.

Known only as the Joker, he defaces graffiti and stencil art throughout the city, using red spray paint to leave behind the trademark smile and a simple scrawled signature. According to ABC News correspondent Muhammad Lila, the real mystery may not be the Joker’s identity but rather how he moves so quickly: He manages to deface new graffiti before typically prompt city workers can find and paint over it.



Do street artists actually mind their work being defaced? Serious question I assumed they’d be fine with it.

No, they don’t like that. Its called “crossing” here in europe and is considered not only as rude, but also as an outright attack on the sprayer who did the artwork in the first place.

So… It’s OK to spray graffiti on someone’s building, but it’s not OK to spray graffiti on someone else’s graffiti?

Go figure.

That’s revenge for Ms. Marvel.

It’s bad. Defacing art work is bad.

HA this is pretty cool. Are we sure it’s not the same artist going back to edit his own work with the Joker update? Anyway, it’s clever and well done. As a Joker fan I approve.

Where I live in North America, 95% of it is just tags and they are ugly. I don’t really think “Bobo” in 3ft tall letters is all that artistic. Whats worse Banksy has come to town and did some good stuff, and then all of a sudden you get “Bobo” over it. Good job!

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