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Thor’s hammer violates laws of physics … and continuity?

angry nerd

Earlier this year, rock-star astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson calculated the weight of Thor’s hammer at 4.5 quadrillion pounds — roughly the same as 300 billion elephants — only for his comic-book knowledge to be called into question by another scientist, who pointed out that Mjolnir is forged out of fictional metal Uru and not neutron-star matter.

And now the hammer is in the scientific spotlight once again, but not for its weight or composition, but rather for its violation of the laws of physics.

You see, Wired’s Angry Nerd takes umbrage with Thor’s use of Mjolnir as his primary mode of transportation. “Whoever’s in charge of aeronautics fact-checking at Marvel, you should know that every time hammer travel happens, Isaac Newton spins in his grave … and generates plenty of angular momentum while he’s at it,” he says in the latest video, below.

So what’s the solution? Why, a return to the character’s mythological roots!

“If Marvel were serious about this,” Angry Nerd declares, “they’d stick to how Thor actually travels in Norse mythology: in a cart, pulled by his goats Tanngrisnir the Tooth-Gnasher and Tanngnjóstr the Tooth-Grinder, who Thor slaughters every night for dinner and resurrects the next morning.”



It’s a comic book. Who really cares? I’m a Norse Heathen, so I perhaps should care, but I don’t. I’m also a science teacher, but guess what…? That’s right, I DON’T CARE!! Some people really do need to get out more…

Who Gives a Damn i can’t even bring my self to care about how this could be humorous its just annoying.

Well, Tooth-Gnasher and Tooth-Grinder do exist in the Marvel Universe. Thor used them during Walt Simonson’s run on the book back in the ’80s.

We’re obviously desperate for article content today.

If Reed Richards were using the hammer to travel I’d listen to the argument as he’s mostly based in real science or tries to be. Since Thor is based in magic and Gods the principles of physics don’t apply. If the Angry Geek knew his Thor comics he would know that Thor has used his goats. I’m re-reading Simonson’s Thor and they are right there. It’s just another article on Wired’s part to bait people to get upset over something that shouldn’t be a concern

ITS A MAGICAL HAMMER. Physics to do not apply to magical items because they are MAGICAL. M-A-G-I-C.

For him it must be like a nurse watching Greys Anatomy, unable to just enjoy a fun thing because his brain just goes ‘WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ all the time.

He’s not even fun or amusing in a ranty fanish way, watch Zero Punctuation for how this should be done, if indeed it’s being done for fun.

Maybe he IS supposed to be a ‘bit of fun’ with the physics of superheroes, but he just comes across like that kid in the playground no one likes because he’s too much of a smart arse.

Though out the 60s and 80s, I always thought “ODIN’S BEARD!” WAS his catch phrase?
Annnnnnnd it’s magic. I think Thor should straddle it girly side-saddle fashion instead of being dragged behind like a beyotch.

This is a first for me even hearing about the Angry Nerd so, I was unfamiliar with what he does for WIRED’s site. As a comic book fan/collector for over 40 years, science and sci-fi umber geek, the most I can comment about the “Nerd’s” video rant is…do not apply full reality science to the fantasy fiction world. You do not compare Harry Houdini to Dr. Stephen Strange no matter how amazing Houdini was. So let’s not apply the “laws” of this universe’s physics to the enchantment of Mjolnir. Doing this actually makes nerds seem very…”nerdy”.

Thor can break several laws of physics just by speaking aloud–at least he doesn’t break the 4th wall (yet)

Shut your piehole

November 5, 2013 at 5:51 pm

Hey pal, let Marvel get it’s own continuity in check before it worries about Norse Mythology. Also, shut up and enjoy the film. Or, just don’t because something tells me you’ll find some sort of issue with it regardless.

Some people really can’t enjoy anything.

“If Marvel were serious about this…”

Let me stop you right there.


Or… You could go back to where it isn’t the weigh of the hammer but an enchantment place by Odin and Thors mom Gea in which she won’t let anyone else lift the hammer. And it has been discussed that he only spins his hammer for show when he flies and. That he can actually fly without it.

I have no doubt that Jack Kirby probably had at least a decent working knowledge of the original myths. But doing the original myths on the comic page, let alone fact checking them against hard science was never the point of what he was doing. He was spinning those myths through the stylistic language of superheroes and it is in that context that Thor flying by his hammer completely works!

Better not tell those science nerds about the 170 pound guy who turns into a 3000 pound green monster when he gets annoyed.


^or how does Cyclops see if his optic blasts are constantly blasting out, all he should see is just RED. or how he doesn’t boil his own eyeballs (eyes are sacks of liquid, folks)

or where does Colossus’ metal come from and go to?


Wow, so much hate towards this article. You guys are as big of losers for being so angry about thinks article as the writer of this article is in your weak minds. But then, I guess that makes me a loser for commenting on you guys being losers. I guess we should all get a life.

Its magic… move on.

Where did everybody’s sense of humor go?

Wait! You say he’s breaking physical laws! How? Your only issue is that he shouldn’t be able to alter his course! The launch seems to be accepted by you so that negates your argument!

Thor launches with angular momentum and then uses his power of wind currents to steer his course. In space it’s a different issue. The reason he launches is because he has a faster initial speed than someone like Storm who needs air currents to build up a bit!

Catch phrase? How about ‘ Thor says thee nay!’ except that he doesn’t ‘thee and thou’ so much these days. The idea that he’s actually letting go of and then catching the hammer hasn’t been explicitly mentioned for a long time. The goat cart is cool – does it travel in space? Room enough for a few other Avengers? (Maybe its size can be changed, like Skidbladnir?)

Before all of you get into a huff… wait, too late.

I was going to warn you that Angry Nerd is pretty much the least watchable YouTube channel, and he pretty transparently tries to generate subscriptions through nerd rage. I mean, I should be the one to talk, right? Someone who has a blog that’s been often accused of the exact same thing? But seriously, check out any of his other videos and try not to come up to the same conclusion. The arguments for any one of them are so shallow that it’s pretty much the only interpretation.

And I’m someone who watches both Angry Video Game Nerd and JonTron. These two can do negative reviews, but at least they try to explain what ticks them off (in an analytical and humorous fashion). Angry Nerd? Does nothing of the kind. Just baits nerds. Which… seems to be working out successfully for him, admittedly.

On the other side of that, if you are running a sale or promotion, with any type of luck you’ll get an inflow of calls.

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