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U.K. street art collective pays tribute to comics


We’ve featured street art by the collective EndoftheLine before (this post from July 2012 included murals in the styles of French maestros Moebius and McBess), but it’s recently posted images of some impressive new projects, again making it abundantly clear how much the group is influenced by comics.

Last week EndoftheLine unveiled a piece in London’s Hoxton district celebrating 30 years of 2000AD‘s “Slaine” with this spot-on tribute to the work of Simon Bisley, painted by founder Jim Vision.


Here’s the page from The Horned God that it’s based upon.

slaine original

Thinking that a mural with that much meticulous care and attention in it may well have been commissioned by 2000AD, I asked one of Tharg’s droids if that was the case. No was the answer, meaning the work must have been created purely from Vision’s admiration of Bisley.

The collective also recently completed this jam piece based on an image by Eric Canete — it’s on another wall of the same Holywell Lane Car Park in Hoxton as the Bisley tribute. The comics-influenced centerpiece by Vision is flanked by the work of two other members of the collective, Isabel “Elfin” White and Andrea Riot.


And here’s the sketch from Canete’s blog that Vision was working from.



Check out EndoftheLine’s blog, Vision’s Facebook page and his Instagram account: There are plenty more comics-inspired pieces to spot.


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I’m not sure if this artist is part of the same crew, but here’s a painting of Elektra that was up in East London a couple of weeks ago:

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