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Amazing Batman graffiti uncovered in abandoned building

batman graffiti

A Redditor and his girlfriend did a bit of “urban exploring” in an abandoned building in Ronse, Belgium, only to discover a treasure trove of incredible Batman graffiti in several styles — all by one artist, Pete One.

There are murals in the obligatory Bruce Timm animated style, a couple of pieces based on Brian Bolland’s Joker from The Killing Joke, and even a slightly out of place Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. But my favorite is the recreation of Jock’s already-iconic cover for Detective Comics #880.

batman graffiti5

batman graffiti4

batman graffiti2

batman graffiti3

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I like city councilman Bane in the third picture.

Those are so cool looking! Who ever painted that art should be proud!

Those Joker rooms are pretty creepy. I wanted the Animated Series group pic for my house.

whoever painted this art should be employed.

Only in Belgium… He he he he he…

nice! we used to have a huge Spider-Man, Venom and Carnage graffitied on the outside of our hospital that you could see from the highway. until they blew it up.

Wow! The people who created all the artwork that this person copied are really talented!

Pete One of course cited all of the sources for his graffiti homage, right? Somewhere Granito is smiling…

He did an awesome job attempting to copy Jock.

We’re being a little too critical of the originality of Pete’s work here. I doubt any of us could recreate these works with some cans of paint. He could. That’s that.

I’m pretty sure none of you or the original artist could do that with spray paint. That’s the point. Jeez smart people. Any ol way. It’s awesome. I hope this person is getting paid for this.

These are simply amazing, love the re-creation of Jock’s cover.

These are really cool! Yeah, they’re recreations of other artists’ work and pictures but it’s still pretty damn impressive! Not just anyone could replicate the various styles and pictures with cans of paint on walls! Don’t be so damn critical, these are probably homages and/or practicing, it’s not like he’s getting paid for those pics, jeez!

Looks Awesome! The all joker one is just epic;

Holy Graffiti, Batman!

I mean.. this is awesome!

Pretty freakin’ cool. Since it’s so thorough, I’m wondering if the original artist had planned on making the whole building, or significant parts of the building, part of an actual art installation, and that Batman was merely one of the themes… maybe he or she isn’t even done yet.

People complaining about the originality of the work need to take a break – this guy painted these for free on the INSIDE of an abandoned building. how many people saw these before they were posted on reddit? maybe a dozen people?


December 17, 2013 at 2:32 pm

Amazing stuff, love it,.
Would love to see that on a wall in London

While it’s well executed, it’s ironic that this is copying of cartoons is being branded as “amazing”, while CBR is concurrently running the Shia LaBeouf has been stupid to adapt someone else’s comic as a short film without permission… Why is one “good” and one “bad”?
Since Dave Gibbon’s tremendously well argued denunciation of Roy Lichtenstein’s use of other people’s comics without credit, and the notion that it is in some way more important or “artistic”, I’ve got to say that I’ve been re-thinking any such re-use of material without permission or attribution; this grafitti is good, but it’s still someone else’s stuff being reused…

It’s not as if the artist is running around claiming ownership or demanding money. Judgemental, much?

Jock123, are you f****** me? It’s not as thoough this “Pete One” is running around Belgium shouting from the rooftops, flaunting their accomplishments. This was done in an abandoned building for their own pleasure, away from prying eyes. There is no expectation of earning money for this, so you can take your self righteousness and stick it up your ass.

Well argued response there, Wtf… You ar erunning rings round me with your logic.
I’ve not mentioned money, or intent in what I wrote, you have conjured them out of the air.
I’m just considering a point made by one thoughtful artist (Gibbons) about the habits of another (Lichtenstein), and how he sees that as a negative thing, taking that point on board, and throwing it open to discussion (which is considering points, not name calling or throwing out insults (which don’t actually bother me) and running away.
It’s not the question of reward, or publicity or legality, so much as the morality of one artist leeching off another which is the main point, plus the fact that CBR are condemning one, and praising the other, which is by any measure a double standard. If Pete’s so talented, why not give us original stuff?

So the guy has a future in non-profit recreations of other peoples visions in spray paint.
As admirable as learning to cook the perfect Whopper at a local Burger King or the dude at the comicon who does the bad imitations in chalk on the sidewalk.

As for being able to replicate a real artists original creations myself? Been there. Done that as a child.
Long since moved on to my own ideas in paint and other media. Copying in any media is not that hard if you have a hand.

@jock123 i live in belgium and saw many of his graffiti, let me tell you his dc hommage is just one of many themes in the building, many are original artwork but not comic related so they weren’t posted here

Wow. Way to be a bunch of dicks. The kid is extremely talented, it’s still re-CREATING… he’s not printing this out and putting up wallpaper.

So none of you have ever drawn something you’ve seen before? Unlikely.

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