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Art Baltazar and Franco team for Dark Horse’s holiday card

dark horse christmas1

Dark Horse took a rather novel approach with its holiday card this year, turning to Art Baltazar and Franco of Tiny Titans and Itty Bitty Hellboy fame to create not just a card but an unfolding comic, with cameos ranging from Darth Vader and Battlepug to the Mask and Publisher Mike Richardson.

See the rest of the card/comic below.

dark horse christmas2

dark horse christmas3

dark horse christmas4

dark horse christmas5

dark horse christmas6



I miss Concrete comics

I greatly miss Concrete comics. The DHP stuff does not suffice. It only works to remind me of how much I miss this character.

Force snowball!

I really enjoy Art Baltazar and Franco’s work. It was cool meeting them at NYCC this year. I’m glad Dark Horse will be collecting their Aw Yeah comics.

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