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Check out concept art, storyboards from canceled ‘Flash’ game


In a well-timed series of posts, given the recent introduction of Barry Allen on The CW’s Arrow and the character’s planned spinoff, ComicBookMovie has been spotlighting the Flash video game that was lost with the 2008 closing of Brash Entertainment. Now Gregory E. Miller, who was the game’s lead designer for developer BottleRocket Entertainment, has provided the website with some storyboards and concept art for the project.

Flash is the game I am most proud of and I am truly heartbroken that it never saw the light of day,” Miller explains on his own website. “Even at the early stage of development it was in when production stopped, it was already a really fun game to play and so many cool features were just beginning to come online. Everyone was incredibly pleased with the progress of the game, especially DC who at the time said it was the best representation of one of their heroes they had seen.”

Check out some of Roger Robinson’s storyboards and character designs, as well as Shane Nakamura’s rendition of Central City, below. More can be found at ComicBookMovie.

flash-central city






Grodd and Tarpit? And the John Wesley Shipp mask? DC! PUT THIS BACK IN THE WORKS NOW. It doesn’t have to be Barry, you can keep that dopey “I’ll do better than Infantino” mess, make it Wally before nu52 and I will buy copies for anyone I think will play it.

I just watched the video on Mr. Miller’s blog and my first reaction was “this HAS to be made!”

It’s perfect for tablets, where “endless runner” apps are all the rage (I recommend the original Temple Run), and consoles/PC/Mac’s. A Flash game would combine the endless runner game play with large doses of action sequences. Brilliant!

The concept art is GORGEOUS. The characters in the video seem a little on the small side, but I’m assuming the video is an early build. So much potential…

Thank you sharing this, and please try to resurrect this! =)

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