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Comic store offers reward for return of stolen Flintstones car

flintstones mobile

Dave Downey in the Flintmobile

Sacramento retailer Dave Downey is offering a reward for the return of the latest addition to his store, World’s Best Comics and Toysa replica of the Flintstones’ car.

He tells Fox 40 the Flintmobile — a gift from a customer, who made it for a water parade — had been on display outside his Watt Avenue shop for just two weeks before it went missing over the weekend. Stealing the vehicle wouldn’t have been an easy task, either: It’s actually a 200-pound wooden raft with two metal 55-gallon drums instead of wheels; it’s meant to float, not roll.

“The perpetrators did not just get in and pedal away,” Downey says. “It is pretty terrible. How can you steal a Flintstones car?”

He’s checking surveillance video from a nearby bowling alley in hopes of identifying the thieves, but in the meantime he’s offering a six pack of Cactus Cooler in exchange for the Flintmobile’s safe return, “no questions asked.”

And, no, that Flinstones car used in someone’s front-yard Christmas display isn’t the one they’re looking for. (“Who would have thought there’d be more than one of these things?” Downey writes on the store’s Facebook page.

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Wow. What a bunch of dickheads. You can’t have nice things these days.

What a terrible thing to do.

Shame on you, thieves.


^^ who normal people don’t step a foot inside comic shops

It they get caught, I hope they end up busting rocks for hard labor.

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