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DC sends season’s greetings with Dave Johnson’s Superman


For this year’s Christmas card, DC Entertainment turned to Eisner Award-winning artist Dave Johnson for a holiday-themed illustration of the man of the year, the Man of Steel (after all, this is the 75th anniversary of Superman’s debut).

Johnson, who frequently draws more angular faces, here opts for a softer approach, delivering a more youthful Kal-El. However, the highlight has to be the enormous snowflake composed of the logos of Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman.

dc christmas card



Very clever, that snowflake, but I don’t half miss Supermna’s proper face.

When even Dave Johnson can’t make the “new” Superman look good, it’s time for a rethinking of the franchise.

He looks awesome to me.

Superman is d!ck to Flash and Cyborg.

Superman’s secret identity is Jon Hamm? That’s mad, men!

very nice .

IMO the New 52 design is still awful. He looks more like Admiral Wildstorm than he does Superman.

But I will give credit to the artist for conveying a proper sense of warmth from the character. I think the spirit of this piece is right on, but the Nu52 suit just distracts it.

Looks nice. I’ve always been a fan of Dave Johnson’s work.

As for the New 52, it’s here to stay. Get over it. It’s not the Superman that I grew up on, but, oh well. We can complain all we want, but the New 52 isn’t going anywhere.

What the hell is wrong with his costume?

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