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DragonCon co-founder Ed Kramer pleads guilty

Ed Kramer (Gwinnett County Superior Court)

Ed Kramer (Gwinnett County Superior Court)

DragonCon co-founder Ed Kramer pleaded guilty this morning to child-molestation charges even as his long-delayed trial was set to get under way in Lawrenceville, Georgia. However, he won’t spend any additional time in jail.

The Gwinnett Daily Post reports the 50-year-old Kramer entered guilty pleas three of the six counts in the original indictment, one for each of the teenage boys; the state agreed not to pursue the other charges. Under the agreement, the district attorney recommended a 20-year sentence, with Kramer serving five years on each count, to run concurrently. Because Kramer was previously jailed in Connecticut and Georgia for 26 months, he’s left with 34 months — which will be served under house arrest.

That sentence, as the newspaper notes, is likely because of the myriad health problems Kramer claims to suffer. He also was ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution to each of the three victims by July 2014, and is prohibited from interacting with anyone under the age of 16.

If convicted, he had faced 25-year mandatory minimum sentences on each of the charges, with two aggravated counts potentially carrying life sentences.

Kramer, who helped found the popular Atlanta sci-fi and fantasy convention a quarter-century ago, was originally arrested in August 2000 on charges that he sexually abused two teenage boys (a third later stepped forward). Although he resigned from the DragonCon board, as a founder he continued to receive annual dividends that made him wealthy enough that he was able to afford to file motion after motion to stall his criminal case for more than a decade — all the while rebuffing efforts to buy out his stake in the convention.

A month after his initial incarceration in the Gwinnett County (Georgia) Jail following his August 2000 arrest, Kramer fell and hit his head, an injury that, when coupled with his other unusual health requirements, led to his release in November 2000 on $75,000 bond. He was back in jail within a few days — a neighbor reported seeing a teenage boy enter his home — but he was placed under house arrest following claims of a January 2001 assault by a deputy.

Even a reindictment to include a third alleged victim couldn’t keep the litigious Kramer in jail. His declining health, which apparently required the attention of 16 physicians, led to one hearing delay after another, and repeated petitions to the court resulted in 11 modifications to the conditions of his bond.

The next decade would see Kramer successfully petition for Social Security disability benefits and fail in a bid to emigrate to Israel, all while continuing to stall his prosecution. It wasn’t until Kramer was arrested in September 2011 in Connecticut on a bond violation — he was allegedly caught in a motel room with a 14-year-old boy — that he finally ended up back in jail. But even then, he fought extradition back to Georgia for more than a year.

The media attention surrounding Kramer’s return to Georgia renewed scrutiny of his ties to DragonCon, and spurred author Nancy A. Collins to call for a boycott of the convention. That effort ended in July, when the DragonCon board revealed it had offered to buy out Kramer’s shares in a merger in which a new company called Dragon Con Inc. absorbed the old DragonCon/Ace Inc. The party finally reached an out-of-court settlement last week that made the deal official.



Dammit, he still found a way to actually avoid jail time. Let’s see how fast he gets caught again with his ailments mysteriously vanishing.

There should be a vigilance committee organized to monitor his movements.

Wow. 3 years for raping children. It’s a good thing he didn’t have a joint in his pocket when he was raping those kids, because he would have gotten 25 years, and had to serve that time in an actual prison, instead of his house.

That’s all he gets? That’s a Travesty. the courts might as well spit on his victims if they call that justice

There ought to be something in writing about breaking the law and forfeiting your shares; something to that effect.

What a scum bag and what an injustice on the part of the boys and their families.

@Poony McPoon:

Why boycott Dragon*Con over this? The guy hasn’t been involved in the convention in a long time. He still makes money from it because of a contract. They can’t just stop paying him what he’s owed because he’s a horrible monster. You can’t just legally violate his ownership. And it’s been said repeatedly that they tried to buy out his section of ownership, but he wouldn’t go for it.

Yeah, it sucks that he makes money from it. But hurting everyone else that runs the con or blaming the convention itself for not violating the law and paying him what they’re legally obligated to pay him, is kind of ridiculous.

Let’s start the countdown when this monster molests another kid, shall we? He’s already proven that when he is out of prison, that’s what he eventually ends up doing.

Anxious – I’m not saying Dragon Con should have been barred from paying. Since they were business partners with the molester, they had the right and likely the obligation to pay him. However, potential con attendees also have the right not to spend their money on DragonCon, since that money has financed Kramer’s legal victory and questionable lifestyle. Individuals have every right to boycott a company that has financed illegal and cruel activities. Creators and convention-goers have the right to say they will have no part of this.

Your argument is akin to claiming engaged couples should have to buy blood diamonds, because not doing so would hurt their local jeweler. You’re free to buy as many blood diamonds as you want, but I’m still free to think you’re a blood-thirsty asshole for doing so.

A contract is a contract. They were legally obligated to pay him. They attempted multiple times to buy him out as his name has always been a disgrace since the allegations first surfaced. This year Dragon*CON folded and became Dragon CON (No *) after years of legal battles to find a way to shut down the Dragon*CON name and IP and re-organize as Dragon CON so that kramer isn’t associated in any way or form.

TL;DR Dragon CON reformed this year as a way to oust Kramer. He gets no money from them whatsoever anymore.

Jo – He gets not further money, after being a paid a substantial settlement fee. Has DragonCon made the details of their recent settlement public? Doing so might help end the debate, but I doubt they are willing to. Rumors have placed the number in the 7 figures. Regardless, Kramer funded his child sex and legal maneuverings with these monies. Not a single day in prison.

As I said earlier, if he would have been caught with weed, he would have received 50 years in a maximum security prison, and would not have been able to put it off for 13 years. I know that in Georgia and the rest of the South, child molestation is considered a pretty minor offense, nothing compared to drug use or refusing to stand for the national anthem. But everyone involved should be ashamed of how this turned out. Kramer got rich off of raping children, and the people of Atlanta thought it was no big deal. Maybe the North needs to burn it to the ground again, teach them a lesson.

Remember that they only reformed under pressure from the fans.

District Attorney Danny Porter must really love pedophiles to let this guy walk into house arrest. I hope he comes up for re-election real soon.

Jesus Christ. I try not to be the reactionary type, and I damn sure don’t have any love for the prison system. But how is this possible? Seems like the tale of a supervillain. Released after an alleged assault by a deputy? WTF? 95% of inmates could claim the same.

Seems more than willing to indulge his recidivism. I consider him a waling threat.

@Bill Peschel – I think it may be a bit much to claim that ” they only reformed under pressure from the fans. From their press releases over the years it does sound like they were trying other means to oust him but ran into legal issues.

Johnny Sarcastic

December 2, 2013 at 5:50 pm

It’s really too bad that laws in every civilized country work differently for people who have money. House arrest for all he did is ridiculous.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t change the batteries in his carbon monoxide detector.

So just how many kids must get contact VD and mental trauma from this certified (self-censored uncomplimentary name calling because I don’t know what the rating for this site is) before someone shoots his danglies off either literally or figuratively with a realistic jail sentence? Preferably also arresting the judge who let this walking piece of (more censored) get off with house arrest! X(

DragonCon cut off his funds when they were finally able to buy him out. He’s gonna run out of money sometime.

It was D*C funds that allowed him to litigate himself out of jail so many times (reportedly 150k per yr, with the last offered and refused settlement being 500k), including this time. Prisoners get medical attention, and pedos usually don’t get mixed with general population anyway. I don’t see why he should be a special snowflake for health reasons unless he was about to croak. Apparently these “health reasons” weren’t enough to stop him from seeing a teenager in 2000 and 2011!

@Poony “I know that in Georgia and the rest of the South, child molestation is considered a pretty minor offense…”

I’m wondering how you “know” that.

What the fuck…?

I can’t begin to understand this. How does he keep wriggling his way out? I know our justice system is deeply flawed, but you’d think a list of accusations like the ones up against him would carry a lot more weight than time served.

At least anyone who googles his name will know what he’s confessed to. Then again, he had some pretty unflattering search results back in 2011, too, and he still almost managed to claim another victim.

“I know that in Georgia and the rest of the South, child molestation is considered a pretty minor offense” This is an outrageous and ridiculous statement. It reads like Darren McKeeman, who has done this sort of thing before.

Shoulder of Pallas

December 3, 2013 at 5:21 pm

Yeah. By all means, boycott the convention!

Maybe now the lines will be shorter.

Doesn’t sound like some of you read the article, or have followed this story for 13 years. I’ve met this monster and know one of the victims, and can assure you this agreement (while benefitting the POS pedophile on the surface) is what’s best for the legal system, the local tax payers and especially the victims as they don’t have to testify in front of the asshole and get their restitution without having to wait ten more years while this vile human being delays matters even more.

As for Mr. Porter, he should be applauded along side the victims for sticking with this through to the end. Some DAs would’ve given up much earlier and settled.

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