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Exclusive | ‘After the Incal’ and ‘Final Incal’ to see U.S. release

Humanoids.Final Incal.Potential Cover2Never before translated into English, After the Incal and Final Incal will at last be published in 2014 in the United States by Humanoids Inc.

The material is a sequel to the celebrated science fiction epic The Incal begun in 1981 by Alexandro Jodorowsky and the late Moebius. After more than 30 years, the epic will finally be available in its entirety in the United States. Humanoids has provided ROBOT 6 with an exclusive look at pages from the forthcoming U.S. edition of Final Incal by Jodorowsky and Ladrönn.

After the Incal was Moebius’ final contributions to the series. Jodorowsky was then joined by Ladrönn to complete the story cycle in Final Incal. Both works will be presented in premier editions formatted like previous Classic Collections releases of The Incal and Before The Incal.

To celebrate the conclusion of this seminal series, Humanoids will release Final Incal in two distinct formats: the same oversized (9.5-inch by 12.5-inch) deluxe edition with slipcase as The Incal, and Before The Incal Classic Collections, as well as in Humanoids’ Coffee Table format (12 inches by 16 inches). The latter will be an extremely limited and numbered edition that will include a book plate signed by Jodorowsky and Ladrönn.

Both editions will contain all three volumes of Final Incal from Jodorowsky and Ladrönn, in addition to the first volume of After The Incal, drawn by Moebius. The last cycle of the adventures of John Difool, After the Incal was not yet completed when Moebius stopped working on the series. So when Jodorowsky discovered  José Ladrönn, he rewrote After the Incal for him, which morphed into Final Incal. Two variations thus coexist: After the Incal by Moebius and Final Incal by Ladrönn.

Humanoids.Final Incal.Potential Cover1

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Between this and “Castaka,” Humanoids will have some awesome stuff coming in 2014!

Indeed, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Humanoids is killing it month after month with amazing books and now they even branched out into the UK market. Who said fortune didn’t favor the bold?

Christopher Ware

January 1, 2014 at 10:26 am

It would be nice if they would re-release the original Incal collection at the same time since the original seems to be out of print.


The Incal Classic Collection is still available in its 3rd printing. Also, as of today, all 6 individual volumes are available as well in the 12×16″ Coffee Table format.


they need to re-release the Incal collection in slipcase format


We limited the slipcases to keep them special. But never say never.


Here’s a question or two.

Let’s say I have all of the Epic volumes of The Incal. What comes next? After the Incal?

Does Final Incal re-do After the Incal plus more? Or does it just follow After as the next volume?



1. The sequel to the story published by Epic back then is FINAL INCAL, that will be released by Humanoids in 2014.
The prequel to the story published by Epic is BEFORE THE INCAL, also available from Humanoids.

2. Yes, FINAL INCAL shares (almost) the same story with AFTER THE INCAL (which has never been released in English). Since Moebius did only the first episode (56 pages), Jodorowsky and Ladronn decided to redo the entire story (154 pages total). For the ones interested to compare the Moebius and the Ladronn versions, the first edition of FINAL INCAL will also include the pages by Moebius.

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