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Exclusive preview | ‘She-Hulk’ #1 by Soule and Pulido


Marvel has provided ROBOT 6 with an exclusive preview of She-Hulk #1, by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido, arriving in February as part of the publisher’s All-New Marvel NOW! initiative.

Announced in September, the series will focus on Jennifer Walters’ complicated life as both a superhero and an attorney, while continuing in the quirky tradition of its predecessors like John Byrne’s Sensational She-Hulk and Dan Slott’s more recent She-Hulk.

The increasingly busy Soule — like Walters, he’s a lawyer — has high praise for Pulido, writing on his blog that, “The man is brilliant. If you missed it, Axel Alonso tweeted a few pages from She-Hulk #2 that will explain what I’m talking about. In the script, that’s just a page of two folks chatting, but Mr. Pulido brings it to life like nobody’s business.  And if he can do that with a conversation page, wait until you see the action stuff. She-Hulk is an incredibly fun, funny series, and I’m really looking forward to it showing up on the shelf in six weeks or so.”

Check out some of Pulido’s art for yourself below:






Blank Cover Also Available
Variant Cover by Milo Manara
Variant Cover by Ryan Stegman
Variant Cover by SIYA OYUM
Young Variant by Skottie Young
JENNIFER WALTERS IS … THE SHE-HULK! A stalwart Avenger, valued member of the FF, savior of the world on more than one occasion, she’s also a killer attorney with a pile of degrees and professional respect. A 7-foot-tall drink of cool, emerald water, she’s tough enough to knock out Galactus with one punch (possibly?) and has a heart bigger than the moon. But juggling cases and kicking bad guy butt is starting to be a little more complicated than she anticipated. With a new practice, a new paralegal and a mounting number of super villains she’s racking up as personal enemies, She Hulk might have bitten off a little more than she can chew…but she just calls that that Tuesday.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99



Slott’s run was a favorite of mine, and Pulido is awesome. Looking forward to this.

Art style reminds me of Mike Allred’s. Not that I have a problem with that. With the exception of the Savage She Hulk I’ve read every solo series she’s had, so I will try this on out as well. A FUN comic? How novel.

sure to sell 20K. unbelievable

“…is (yet again) starting to be more difficult than…anticipated…”

Those two words should’ve been added there.

Press releases…

Ewww that art is horrendous. I’ll be passing.

HAPPY GAMMA NEW YEAR to all the Shulkie fans! Thanks for this treat!

No idea why they put unusual artists on solo series for characters that already have trouble surviving. Just because Hawkeye was a success doesn’t mean it’s a blue print for success.

Looks like Allred’s version, but less attractive. :(

I’ll be happy if this is half as good as Slott’s run. Rooting for it, for Jen’s sake.

Yup, I’m seeing a little too much Allred in that artwork, too. Not a fan of the art style, but if it’s even half as witty as Byrne & Slott’s stuff, I’m in for the long haul.

Marvel.must really not want to sell She yes she.has great writer but she has never had a dependable fan base demanding a series. The only thing She hulk has ever had going for it was she drawn sexy like a muscular Betty page. The art here has nothing to make me want to look at let alone buy it he man can’t even dtw a nose. If Marvel wanted this to have any success they would have looked for someone who could draw. Beautiful woman even lawyerd have to look nice or they lose cases. Believe it or not until O saw the art was going buy zthis preview saved me a lot thank for the preview must think we will buy anything

gorgeous art by Pulido as always. I hope this isn’t just quirky for quirky’s sake though….

Jesus Christ…. The art is actually 50% worse than I expected, and I held very very little hope for it to begin with.

So sad how the she hulks are being treated in there recent series art wise

carlo pagulayan is AMAZING, and was absolutely a perfect pick for the red she hulk book but him being forced to intersplice panel by panel work with Wellington Alves severely deminished his quality, they should have had him do as many full issues as possible and then have a similar artist (David yardin?) fill in full issues. Intersplicing panel by panel work is always a terrible idea.

Regardless this is many many times worse ugh brings to life my ass this is the most stale depthless art I’ve seen in a while

I’m a Pulido fan, so I’ve been looking forward to this, but I don’t see any Allred in his art; maybe just in economy of line. To me Pulido falls into the same style category as Marcos Martin and Paulo Rivera, two artists who get nothing but love around here, so I’m surprised at the naysayers. That said, I do agree that he has chosen an odd facial look for Jen, Allred has definitely been drawing her prettier, but I can’t wait to pick this up. Charles Soule has been on fire lately, and I’m excited to read the adventures he has coming up for Jen.

Yep, looks like Javier Pulido She Hulk… still just as excited about this as when it was announced.

It seems discouraging to see people immediately thinking “Mike Allred” and/or “trying too hard to be quirky” as if the super detailed photo-realistic style that’s been so common for years is like the natural state in which superheroes are meant to be seen. Or that it means it’s a niche comic which equals sales failure.

“Comic starring [non A-list Marvel character]” is a niche already in a way, so why not take advantage of each niche’s room to grow by letting it be more and more its own thing? The diversity Marvel’s been moving towards in terms of tone and aesthetic variety within the superhero genre is pretty exciting as a reader, and also seems to me like a better sales strategy than having so many books competing against each other that look the same but with different characters.

That art is hideous

The previous comment is horrendous. Either offer something other than a worthless negative post or GTFO.

Comics have (or hopefully should have) moved away from just releasing books with “pretty pictures” hoping to lure people in. It’s about the melding of what kind of story the writer is trying to tell, and how well an artist interprets and displays what the writer is trying to convey.

Is Pulido’s art divisive? Sure, his style is probably not for everyone, but it’s his own and has a certain charm.At least it doesn’t try to be something it’s not. It’s certainly better than artists like Brett Booth who try to draw realistically, but ruin the art with hideous, distracting mongoloid faces. If anything, the art is comparable to Marcos Martin than Mike Allred.

What’s with the buzzkill? Are people trying to outdo themselves with moronic comments?
First Pulido’s art is more like Marcos Martin than Allred. Not that it’s a problem as they are both masters of the craft. But essentially their art is inspired by Jack Kirby or Alex Toth, like Steve Rude’s is, all masters of the craft. Okay I get it, so we had a little contest there over who can be the most ignorant. And if people have been tracking, Daredevil, Hawkeye and now Superior Foes of Spider-Man are all successes following the same blueprint.
This looks gorgeous. And I look forward to more books with that type of talent just to have a laugh at philistines.

Not a fan of the art. It will definitely appeal to a certain demographic though, so hopefully this will sell above 20k. I really want more female solo titles and breaking out of the art mold may be the way to do it. Hopefully this proves to be successful! :)

The artwork is horrendous.

Soule could write the phone book and I would read it. So I am in.

I do wonder why Jen isn’t the least bit muscular, though.

First thing I thought was she looks like Arya from Game of thrones:

I honestly don’t expect this volume of She-Hulk to last overly long or make a lasting impact but I do plan on enjoying it immensely while it lasts…

I hate fanboys………..

I’m tired of the Jim Lee school of WAY too much detail in a comic, I find this approach refreshing and will be trying out the first issue.


January 1, 2014 at 6:58 am

If you don’t see Allred in that art you’re crazy.

this is shehulk’s second shot at a solo and I’m not sure it will last,

This type of work is becoming a cliche now. I wouldn’t be surprised if the editors are telling the artist how to draw it so it can try and capture that Hawkeye/Daredevil/FF/Young Avengers/superior foes of spiderman sensibilities.

Get real Marvel.

I’ll pass on this one.

“This type of work is becoming a cliche now. I wouldn’t be surprised if the editors are telling the artist how to draw it so it can try and capture that Hawkeye/Daredevil/FF/Young Avengers/superior foes of spiderman sensibilities.”

Javier Pulido has been drawing in this fashion for as long as I’ve been aware of his work (which is 13 years or so), from Robin: Year One and Human Target to Catwoman and, yes, Hawkeye.

Wow, this comment section, what the heck.

I don’t like Pulido /as much/ as I like Allred, or Aja, or Martin or Samnee, but I’m very willing to let this series change my mind.

this is how Pulido’s art has looked as long as I can remember, going back at least to the Black Cat miniseries in 2010… besides, the books you mention look nothing alike. If you can tell the difference between Jim Lee, Mike Deodato, Steve McNiven etc, it’s not like the spectrum ends there, or that anything that uses fewer lines or less “realism” to tell the story is some provocative deviant that should be lumped together. The “Jim Lee style” for lack of a better term wasn’t even that widespread until recent decades, and there has always been great comic art that doesn’t fit that mold. I’m glad Marvel has been expanding more, and if they keep it up then maybe eventually every time they release less photorealistic art won’t remind everyone of that time Mike Allred drew X-Statix or when they had a fluke critical hit with Hawkeye…


(my last post was meant to refer to Pagan’s.. didn’t see the others who posted after. And yeah, I forgot about Robin Year One, that was much earlier.)

I don’t think this is Pulido’s strongest work, but it stiff looks fun and refreshing. I don’t if I should laugh at all the people with their britches in a knot because marvel are now publishing 4-5 books with non-generic, non-“realistic” art.

to me,first thing I thought when i saw this are Darwyn Cooke(JL:New Frontier) rather than Allred.

24 issues at the most.

I’m excited for this She-Hulk series, solely because Javier Pulido is drawing it. I liked his Hawkeye work and have been wanting more.

I see an Allred-esque quality to Pulido’s work, but only when pointed out by other commenters. The two artists employ an economy of line for a clean, uncluttered look. But Pulido is more care-free with the placement of his shading lines and detail lines. His figures are slightly angular, and when you look close, varying stroke weights and slightly jagged lines appear, giving his work some tension. Allred uses very bold, very deliberate strokes, all clean and straight, for that exciting, “pop” effect.

The Allred/Pulido similarity ends with facial rendering. Allred’s faces, and facial expressions are fantastic. I think his drawings of women’s faces are gorgeous and very expressive. Pulido takes more of an minimal approach with faces, and it seems like he has some go-to faces that he likes to use. She-Hulk’s face jarred me a little, with the big eyes and cheeks. It reminded me too much of how he drew Kate Bishop and Madam Masque in Hawkeye. And the noses, something a bit off with his noses.

Anyway, I hope Pulido stays as the main artist for She-Hulk, and that goes for Allred on Silver Surfer, Phil Noto on Black Widow, etc.

Wow. No go on the art. If it was Allred, I’d try it, but art that is not my thing means no purchase.

Cancelling my pre-order.

the sad thing is if the art was on title like staring a male I might have picked it but it is hard to look at title were an artist can not draw a decent nose his back grounds a good but if he just practiced noses it would better to top that of the faces are expressionless. and the eyes are too large making the characters look less realistic like something out of a freshmen in high schools sketch book before he took any art classes. people mention Mike Allred the main different is Mike at least dries to make his human look normal .art in comics is supposed to imitate life enough art like this it is hard to engage and pretend this is anything other then a badly drawn comic book . I think it is weird that sole get great artists at Dc but really bad ones at Marvel at least the guy from thunderbolts is trying . I can hardly wait the read inhumans.

Is there anybody that understands comic art LESS than comic book fans? :)

RE: brain
These days too many readers all want the hyper-realistic look with ultra detail, and anything stylized is a smack to their preferred sensibilities of high-def addiction.

In my previous comments I was obviously only referring to “mainstream-big-two-super-heroes-franchises-comic-books-fans” and their ignorant and reducing point of views.

RE: Ian

Totally agree with you.

Philip A Moore

You should learn to write, and then maybe, start criticizing other people work in written form.

Pulido – like Martin, Samnee, and others – is a terrific heir to the classic adventure strip style inspired by Milton Caniff and Noel Sickles, and carried forth by Alex Toth, Carmine Infantino, Mort Meskin, and Frank Robbins. In fact, it’s a shame that Robbins isn’t alive to be drawing today and finally see some recognition for his style.

Love She Hulk but that artwork is awful, mostly due to the expressions, yes are too big, made the heads look abnormal. Can’t decide whither to pass or not

*eyes rather not “yes”

wow. that art is really awesome. the book looks really fun. I’m betting on it being 2014’s breakout hit comic that everyone is talking about.

It’s funny. These people seem to have forgotten comics roots, and that comics are supposed to be… what’s the word… fun.

@ken, No, this is She-Hulk’s fourth, not second solo ongoing (if you treat the two volumes of adjectiveless She-Hulk by Slott and then Slott later David as one).

@Jay Precisely. The book and the art are deliberarely meant to be quirky.

Philip A. Moore: “art in comics is supposed to imitate life”


Looks perfect, beautiful beautiful art.

Love all of this. Love it love it love it

Yikes, both for the artwork and some of the comments here. Newsflash, guys – this is all about opinions, and there’s clearly plenty of comic readers here that don’t have any time for Pulido’s artwork, myself included. Just because some of you fawn over every line the guy draws doesn’t make you any more right than someone that thinks he’s the absolute worst choice for a title like this.

Me? I’ll still be buying the book because I’m a huge fan (and supporter of) of the character. Doesn’t mean I think it’ll pass 12 issues, though. Hopefully Soule’s writing can keep some of those not taken with the art on the title for a bit longer.

Dear fanboys (and i use that term only because i don’t know what else to call you),

I understand and support your love for what you believe to be the be all end all of comic book art: the Jim Lee/Marc Sylvestri School. I also support your right to express that love.

But please, in the name of Jack Kirby, stop coming on these message boards and expressing your love for that kind of art in a way that denigrates and belittles other kinds of comic book art. Because the fact is, that while you may not enjoy Pulido’s art, or Marcos Martin’s, or Samnee’s, or any other non-Jim Lee inspired artists’ work, other people do. A lot. And they, as well as the artists who they enjoy, deserve more respect than your giving.


PS. Mr. Phillip A. Moore: There is more punctuation that just the period. Just sayin’.

Nerdy Bird, I’d much rather they insult the artwork rather than other posters, which is what I’m seeing from a bunch of Pulido fans. Including your own post above – ‘fanboys’, really?

And seeing as how you’re jumping on someone’s else punctuation, it’s “you’re giving”, not “your”.

I dig it. I’m in the mood for more quirky stuff. Bring it on.

Hmmm a lawfirm that has a 7′ tall green lawyer may have a hard time NOT getting destroyed by villains seeking out a 7′ tall green woman who has beaten them down in the past.

Why can’t she change like Hulk? It would make better sense. Interesting to see how she balances the look of the hero with the job of a civilian. Tony Stark is a different kind of hero so don’t make the comparison please.

I know a non-comic book reader that is looking for this book to be his first comic book purchase. Please don’t suck.

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