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Forget the Avengers, Iron Man belongs in ‘Sailor Moon’


I’m hard pressed to think of a better or, frankly, stranger way to cap off the day than with this video of Tony Stark doing his best imitation of the Sailor Moon S transformation to don his Iron Man armor.

Called “Iron Moon,” it was created by first-year animation students at South Korea’s Chungkang College of Cultural Industries as a second-semester project. I’d give them an A-minus, at least.

(via Kotaku)



lol this was so crazy!!!! XD

I don’t know what it is I’m feeling. Great animation, but…..WTF?

Sorry, I’m not very comfortable with that kind of presentation.

@Paul Garcia — what, you didn’t like the metallic pieces flying through the air to hug Tony’s butt cheeks?!

Other than the wink/mild stroke at 12 seconds in, this was very well done. Also, it highlights all the things that were creepy about Sailor Moon to begin with.

The face at 0:08 XD

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