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Fraction, Zdarsky get meta with ‘Sex Criminals’ #1 fourth printing


Normally, photo covers are pretty boring and easy to pass by, but Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s Olan Mills-style portrait for the fourth printing Sex Criminals #1  is … well, indescribably awesome. Unveiled this morning by Image Comics, the cover features Fraction with his hands on Zdarsky’s shoulders while the latter cradles first-printing copy of Sex Criminals #1. The entire image is delightfully awkward, with both gazing vacantly into the distance.

And then there’s the timely blurb at the top, which references Fraction’s recent amicable departure from Marvel’s upcoming series Inhuman.

While I won’t go so far to say it’s the first time creators’ photos have been used for cover, it’s certainly a rare occurrence, and undoubtedly one of the most creative uses of a multiple-printing variant. Also, it should absolutely become tradition that any fourth printing of a comic breaks the fourth wall.

sex criminals1-fourth printing



Awwwww…you guys are just soooooooo quirky-cool!

Haha, that is awesome. And I should also thank Marvel I guess, after all they just saved me over $100 I would have spent on Inhuman!

Cover is spoof of the movie Step Brothers.

Wow. It’s not original, has nothing to do with with the comic or comic books in general and it’s not even done properly.

Good job looking like a pair of massive tools, guys. Yet another reason I won’t buy your try-hard-comedy book.

That’s pretty funny…

Sorry if you have no sense of humor and can’t appreciate it…

Screaming Eugene

December 19, 2013 at 1:00 pm

That’s pretty freakin awesome. Keep having fun and making fun stuff, you guys.

That’s great cover.

I love the whiners bagging on the creative team.


WOW…who took a dump in your Cheerios this morning?

This humor you can get away with when you are an A list writer. That would make it hilarious!

See, that’s why this cover is unfunny. Because Fractions writing is typically D list. (Think of all the bad books he’s turned in that aren’t Hawkeye) Crossing out Inhuman shows he truly thinks his own writing is A list, and it’s sad cause its not. He has a huge undeserving ego. He doesn’t see it, because its tough to see it within yourself.

Now if this was a true A list writer (pick your favorite one) THEN it would be funny! He’s just not A list, and I know that can sound crushing to some. But hey, that’s reality. Anyone well read who has read his books can see that quickly.

^and CBR has their quote of the week in my above statement.

Oops, did I undeservingly call out something I wrote as greatness?

I just pulled a Fraction. :-(

@Jarrod – I believe that comedy, as with virtually anything, is best viewed in context. But a variant photo cover by 2 comic creators is only funny if the writer is A list? I don’t follow. Sex Criminals is funny, Hawkeye’s funny, and some other stuff I’ve read by Fraction has been not-so-great. Bottom line – I don’t get your position. Why is it not funny? Because if Fraction wrote better stuff or sold more copies of his stuff, it would be funny? People in general don’t give a s#!t about comics. What is A list? If he was the Brad Pitt or Will Ferrell of comics, it would be funny?

I’ll grant you, we’re most of us human folk blind to our own shortcomings. But one’s perception of a professional’s status in what is essentially a cottage industry does not dictate that professional’s ability to be funny.

Don’t think it’s funny? Fine. I didn’t laugh when I saw it. But the idea that it’s not funny because Fraction is not an “A list writer” is ludicrous.

@Jarrod You are a pretentious tool.

Fraction is the pretentious tool! He thinks he’s too good!

Thing about it is, acting arrogant or conceited gets a pass when its a true A list talent.

For example, take music or movies. If John Lennon, Jimmy Page, or Martin Scorcese made a conceited or arrogant remark about their art forms in an interview, could they get away with it? YES. Because their talents back it up.

Comics for example. Grant Morrison. (Not my favorite writer, just an example) When he makes a conceited remark about comics as an art form, or even about his own writing, which he has done numerous times in the past, his fans and readers at large let him get away with it. Because his A list writing speaks for itself. All Star Superman, New X-Men, Seven Soldiers, We3, Animal Man, etc. He’s had books I’ve liked less, but I can’t deny his A list work.

Matt Fraction is no Grant Morrison. He’s no John Lennon, Jimmy Page, or Martin Scorcese. Therefore I don’t like it when I see people like him get arrogant. Same goes for others in the industry. (His wife too, be honest) It’s not funny or cute, it’s foolish. Makes him look bad. Some people aren’t cut out for the A list and will never make it there. That’s true in all mediums.


There is no one claiming that Fraction is an A-Lister. His fame simply has nothing to with this.
It seems to me that you’ve been waiting for an article to mention him so that you could mention your dislike of him.

I’m a bigger Zdarsky fan than I am a Fraction fan, but it’s the chemistry between them that makes this book so great. They’re having a blast making this comic, and it shows in every page and in this cover.

The point of this book is to have fun. Not all humor is for everybody, but you don’t need to hate on the creators.


Since when do you have to be an “A list writer” to get to crack a joke at the expense of a recent high profile shake up in your own career. This cover is perfectly in line with the kind of persona these two guys cultivate with their fans on twitter and it’s not like that many people are even going to see a 4th print cover anyway, so why not just do something a little tongue in cheek, especially if everyone involved is kind of known to engage in that kind of behavior.

This concept of “A list” and “D list” and writers earning more privileges by what list their on is immature bullshit. Fraction is neither an A list writer or a D list writer because the list idea is stupid advertiser buzzword jargon crap, the kind of garbage used by dead eyed men in suits who are trying to figure out who should headline their newest relaunch of their IP. It has no place in a serious discussion of someone’s talent or work. Fraction is just a writer. He’s a damn good one to when he’s on something he really resonates with. His Casa Nova, Iron Fist, Iron Man, FF, and Hawk Eye are all great, but I’ll be the first to admit his Fantastic Four, Thor, Fear Itself, and X-Men were all pretty mediocre stuff at best.

Fraction isn’t even that arrogant either. He’s the first person to admit he’s screwed up more than a few times, both as a human being and as a writer and he’s always come off as grateful for the success he’s had in this industry. I met him at a convention not to long back and he was incredibly grateful for the time I spent to get to meet him certainly a lot nicer and more humble than most of the guys I’ve gone out of my way to meet at conventions. Stop projecting that pride in the level of success you’ve had or opinions on the industry is somehow arrogance. He has no obligation to lay prostrate at the feet of entitled brats on the Internet just because you didn’t like “Invincible Iron Man” or whatever it is that you’re so upset about.

Get over yourself. No wonder no one takes comics readership seriously when someone acts like this over a cover to a creator owned indy comic.

“He has no obligation to lay prostrate at the feet of entitled brats on the Internet just because you didn’t like “Invincible Iron Man” or whatever it is that you’re so upset about.
Get over yourself”

And that should be the quote of the week. Nicely said.

It is precisely because “Inhuman” was such a high profile project that this is funny…

If Fraction truly saw himself as some kind of mythical comic “A lister”, he wouldn’t make fun of himself…

So, you’re saying…you…don’t…like Matt Fraction, Jarrod?

thanks for the weirdness, comments section!

Haha, the cover’s too silly and I’m sure it’ll get the job done of drawing the eye to it with it’s bizarre stand out style

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