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How does Charles Soule juggle writing seven comics a month?

thunderbolts-souleIf it’s beginning to feel as if Charles Soule is writing every other comic that Marvel and DC publish, there’s a reason for that: At the moment, he’s penning Superman/Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Red Lanterns, Thunderbolts, She-Hulk and Inhuman for those two publishers, as well as working on his creator-owned Letter 44 at Oni Press.

That adds up to seven titles a month … in addition to his day job as an attorney.

So how does Soule do it all? He offers some insight on his blog, breaking down the strategies he uses “to hold things together and make sure the books remain entertaining and deadlines get hit.”

Among them: “Say No. I turn down things all the time. You might not think so, based on the workload, but I do. I just said no to a gigantic project, because I didn’t think I could do that without compromising some of the other work I’m doing. I turn down(some) interview requests, store appearances, convention appearances, social stuff, even clients – this goes back to (3) – I know what I want to achieve, and if I can’t draw a relatively straight line between [x] (a potential obligation) and [y] (a goal), then I just say no. Hmm. It’s possible that I’m coming across as a bit psychotic, but it’s not really that bad – I love doing the work, otherwise I wouldn’t be so focused on trying to do it well.”

There are seven more tips on his blog, along with Soule’s comments about each of the titles he’s writing.



Soule is my pick for writer of the year. Feel in love with Swamp Thing. And then with Red Lanterns, which I never expected. And with Superman/WW. And am even going to buy She-Hulk even thugh I almost never buy a Marvel book in the floppy form these days.

I wonder if Soule gets a little fed up of the people who keep making the same remarks about his ability to do this? One can see it is focus and hard-work and yet some of them…seem make it a habit of tweeting about his work load as if it is so unbelievable. I get annoyed at them. Kudos to him to for taking books that are challenging…I mean after Snyder he took Swampy, and then he took on SM/WW which had to be a brave as heck after years of typical Lois and Superman and then there are people who wanted it to fail but he has produced imo the best versions of Clark and Diana in the new 52 and compelling as a couple.

Hats off to the guy.

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