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‘If you do different things, you attract different readers. It’s that simple’

saga“I think a big reason our industry is experiencing so much growth right now is because we’re finally doing the kind of comics that resonate with a diverse readership. It’s kind of like what happened a decade or so back when comics first started gaining acceptance in bookstores and getting written up in the mainstream press, really, because it’s a slow process and there’s no one way to reach everyone. I mean, for a very long time, comic books and superheroes were practically synonymous, and it took a lot of unique work by a lot of different men and women to finally open things up to the point where someone other than the standard comics reader see the full potential of our medium. If you do different things, you attract different readers. It’s that simple.”

– Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson, addressing the importance of a diverse readership in an interview with Comic Book Resources


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Indeed… putting out comics other than superheroes (which the general public gets its fill of from TV, movies, and video games, but couldn’t care less about as comics) and selling said comics in “real” stories (read: Amazon or Barnes and Noble/a local bookstore, not a comic book store) surely helps. Also (in Image’s case) a boost from a popular TV show, “The Walking Dead.”

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