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Joe Harris reveals the ‘Fury of Firestorm’ that might’ve been

firestorm12Continuing the theme of the previous post, Great Pacific writer Joe Harris pulls back on the curtain to reveal what might have been had DC Comics not canceled The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men earlier this year.

On his blog, Harris, who came on board the series as co-writer with Issue 7, touches upon some of his ideas that never made their way into the book  — “Things got changed around a bit, and I had to do a lot of rewriting to fit shifting plans, sudden crossovers, and other changes made on high, so much of this stuff never saw the light of day” — before breaking out something truly impressive: the “mindmap.”

You can check it out for yourself at the link, but it’s effectively a flow chart that lays out his vision for “Firestorm Year Two & Beyond,” with color-coded plot threads. I’m a habitual list- and chart-maker, so I was instantly drawn in by Harris’ dedication to planning and detail.

However, the writer notes, “Honestly, this map, while big, is conservative for me. You should see the master sheet I keep together for X-Files ideas!”

As with Cullen Bunn’s exploration of the development of The Fearless Defenders, Harris’ post and accompanying chart makes for interesting reading for fans and process junkies alike.



Hey Kevin,

Can I, um, get a link to the blog post?

I want to see that post as well. I’m intrigued how the flow chart functions, more so than what it actually says about the plan for Firestorm.

The link is at the beginning of the second paragraph.

Firestorm is probably one of the most difficult characters to write, but I was willing to stick with the title as long as it was going. Definitely everything didn’t to come together, but it was interesting.

Thanks god he didnt do it . Its a very bad thematic.

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