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Kaneda’s bike from ‘Akira,’ recreated with LEGO

kanedas bike

LEGO modelers the Arvo Brothers have recreated Kaneda’s bike from Katsuhiro Otomo’s landmark manga and anime Akira, using only those little Danish bricks, of course. What’s more, they’re going to share just how they did it in a 200-page book that will be available beginning next week — complete with die-cut decals.

kanedas bike2

kanedas bike3

(via Adam Cadwell)



Don’t forget to let us know when the book is available.

Two HUNDRED pages? For one model?

Please remove the letter ‘S’ after LEGO. A pedants gripe I know but it burns my eyes.

“A pedants gripe I know but it burns my eyes.”

Should be “A pedant’s gripe, I know, but it burns my eyes.”

You were missing an apostrophe and two commas. Ironic.

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