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Matt Kindt announces ‘Suicide Squad’ departure

suicide squad29

Suicide Squad #29

Matt Kindt, who followed Ales Kot as writer of Suicide Squad beginning with October’s Issue 24, revealed he’s leaving the DC Comics series with the conclusion in March of the title’s five-part tie-in to “Forever Evil.”

“It’s just for ‘Forever Evil’ and then I’m done,” Kindt told Comic Book Resources. “It’s one of the things I’m scaling back on, because I don’t have time. It’s driving me crazy to do so much. I knew I could do a finite amount of time on that and do it well, but I can’t sustain it for that long and make it good, still — ‘for sure’ good. There’s a chance it could be good. I told my editor, ‘At a certain point, it’s just going to be like flipping a coin — it could turn out all right or not, depending on how I’m feeling that day.’ It’s better to take a little bit of time off and recharge my batteries.

Kindt, who also writes DC’s Justice League of America, certainly has a full plate, although increasingly at other publishers: In addition to his critically acclaimed spy series Mind MGMT, he has the four-issue Star Wars: Rebel Heist and the original graphic novel Poppy! in the works at Dark Horse. He’s also writing the new Valiant Entertainment series Unity, and a smattering of smaller projects for Marvel.

Kindt’s tenure on Suicide Squad was announced in July with the release of DC’s October solicitations, which signaled the abrupt departure of Kot after just four issues. The publisher hasn’t revealed who will follow Kindt.



Good luck Matt and thanks for bring back the real Amanda Waller,

DC feels like such a sinking ship

Countdown until someone blames DC editorial for this….oh, wait, i’m late, somebody already did that….

Wow. It only took two posts for an anti-DC comment that is completely off-base and has nothing to do with why Matt is leaving the book. It’s like people don’t read the articles, just the headlines. RIF. Anyway, good on Kindt for not wanting the work to suffer. I wish him continued success on the books he is sticking with. Especially Mind MGMT.

Yes DC is a sinking ship when someone came on to do a limited run on a title. Did you even read the article.

DC is a sinking ship as long as DiDio/Lee/Harras/Johns stay in charge of the comics division.

@Shawn – While I’m not going to jump and blame DC, nowhere in the article did it say that he came on the book with the intention to leave after one arc, all he mentioned was a finite run (which could be any number of issues) and a decision to scale back.

Comic book resources is Marvel site.

I look forward to asking Matt Kindt how many books he worked on in 2013. Im set the line at 50 and a half. Im taking the over.

why did cbr rereport this?

@Simon he literally said “It’s just for ‘Forever Evil’ and then I’m done”

My vote is for Ostrander to take over.

They should have given this book to Ostrander to write from the get-go.
Adam Glass was even worse than Keith Giffens version starring “Modem and Havana”.
Kot and Kindt had a couple of good ideas but did not get around to see them through.
Put Ostrander on, I wanna know who Rick Flag really is.
Have the annual drawn by Travis Charest.

He was writing way too much starting september. but glad he realized it.

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