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Our best look yet at Bryan Lee O’Malley’s ‘Seconds’

omal__jkt_aLL_r1.inddSeconds, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s much-anticipated follow-up to Scott Pilgrim, will be released July 15 by Random House after being delayed when the cartoonist suffered a shoulder injury. But while there’s still seven months until the book’s debut, has the most substantial preview yet of Seconds, including the cover (we’d previously been treated to a limited-edition print, and glimpses on O’Malley’s blog).

Although O’Malley has avoided giving too many details about the graphic novel, he revealed last year that, “Seconds is about a restaurant, and the restaurant is called Seconds, and 90 percent of the story takes place within it. Beyond that it’s really hard for me to explain and I’m going to have to work on that so I can talk about it properly when it comes out. But it’s funny and weird and kind of big and crazy despite the mundane setting.”

The protagonist Katie, described by the cartoonist as “a loveable spaz,” can be seen on the cover and in some of the preview art.

The 328-page hardcover is written and drawn by O’Malley, with ink assists by Jason Fischer, colors by Nathan Fairbairn and lettering by Dustin Harbin. Check out part of the preview below, and the remainder at





It will pe published under the Oni Press imprint? Or by another publishing company? Thx

So, over at The Beat a few weeks ago there was another article about this upcoming book. The article mentioned that O’Malley took a restaurant job to “pay the bills”. Heidi naturally blocked my comment because she’s al labout spin, but what I had asked was this: Why does the creator of Scott Pilgrim have to take a job like that to “pay the bills”? It’s the sort of offhand comment that makes no fucking sense and really demands an explanation, and is extremely offensive to those of us who DO actually have to take such jobs just to survive. What gives?

O’Malley has said he took a job at a restaurant “to pay the bills” while writing the second volume. Scott Pilgrim wasn’t an immediate hit; the first volume didn’t initially sell well.

Makes sense, thanks. I assumed after the movie, etc. he was set financially.

As for The Beat, every single article over there is riddled with typos, grammatical and factual errors, and incorrect links and attributions… and they are NEVER corrected or explained. Flabbergasting, as Heidi is supposedly a professional journalist. She just barrels through from one story to the next, no explanations, corrections or apologies. Good times for mouth breathers, I guess.

Makes total sense that he would have had a job after writing the first one. That was over 10 years ago now — the series didn’t catch on right away and movie was much, much later.

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