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Quote of the Day | ‘Don’t give up’

Jim Zub

Jim Zub

“I know it may sound corny but I’m serious when I say this – Don’t give up. There will be lost opportunities and frustrations, regrets and anxieties. Do everything you can to focus on what you can control and keep your integrity intact. Do all you can with what you have. That’s what the year represents to me.”

Jim Zub, writer of Skullkickers, Samurai Jack, Pathfinder, Legends of the Dark Knight, Makeshift Miracle and Shadowman, and almost-writer of Birds of Prey. In a post titled “A Great Year That Almost Wasn’t,” Jim discusses how losing the Birds of Prey gig at the beginning of 2013 affected his self-confidence, how he bounced back from it and ultimately landed on Samurai Jack.



Way to go! I don’t consider that as “corny” but a mark of a wise one.

Jim Zub is the man. Down to earth nice guy and very transparent and open on his blog. Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for him!

Check out his follow-up post, “The Writing Marathon,” in which he breaks down his progress over the past five years, as a writer and as a creator. Solid stuff there. Maybe I’m in the right mindset for it, because I just recapped the comments in the thread responding to BMB’s comments, but yeah… find the time, break it down and push through, don’t give up, and finish strong. Practice doesn’t make perfect, because you’ll never be perfect; but practice will always make you better.

His perspective on writer’s block was interesting, too. I’m a little cynical about the concept of writer’s block, myself, but his framing was pretty solid: find what motivates you and punch it in the face. Creative processes differ and levels of productivity differ, but the greater diligence you funnel into your craft, the better your craft will be.

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