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Reminder: Tuesday is New Comics Day this week (again)

dead boy detectives1aHere’s another public service announcement for the Wednesday crowd: Comic books will go on sale Tuesday in the United States because Wednesday is New Year’s Day. The same thing occurred last week because of Christmas.

Unlike last week, when the shipping list was light, Tuesday will see a pretty full lineup of new releases, including Star Wars Omnibus: Dark Times, Vol. 1, Talon #14 (the final issue), Dead Boy Detectives #1, the new printing of Walt Simonson’s Mighty Thor Artist’s Edition, Rocket Girl #3, Deadpool by Joe Kelly Omnibus, Savage Wolverine #13, Rachel Rising #22 and X-O Manowar, Vol. 4.

You can see the complete list of titles shipping this week on the Diamond Comic Distributors website.



Everyone should set aside a few bucks to buy Rachel Rising, because it is awesome.

This week is still super light. Marvel’s only got 4 ongoing titles on shelves. I don’t think that they shipped this few books since the 80s. I’m starting to suffer withdrawals. =)

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