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Six by 6 | After Thor, six other Marvel gods ready for big leagues

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Although this Greek god of war has been a part of Marvel lore since the 1960s, he never really received his due until 2006, when Marvel tapped Michael Avon Oeming and Travel Foreman to create a miniseries giving this character the spotlight. After Civil War, Brian Michael Bendis roped the character into the launch of Mighty Avengers. During “Dark Reign,” Ares found himself fighting on the side of Norman Osborn, and ended up dying in the culmination of that event, Siege. While the militaristic and savage anti-hero rubbed some fans (and fellow heroes) the wrong way, he was a highly interesting character that still has room for development.



As Odin is to the Norse, Manitou is to the Native American in Marvel comics. Created as an amalgam of various Native American mythological figures, Manitou is a rarely seen but powerful god who’s played an integral role in stories featuring characters ranging from Ghost Rider to Thor to the Celestials. He even appeared in Infinity Gauntlet. Manitou is actually a title for the head of Native American mythology in Marvel lore, passed down to various individuals upon their death. Imagine if Marvel were to engage more with the Manitou character, not as a historical artifact but as a living, breathing hero like Thor?



Amatsu-Mikaboshi is one of the best supervillains to debut at Marvel in the past decade. Inspired by a Japanese god of the same name, Mikaboshi was introduced as an adversary for both Thor and Ares in the mid-2000s. After appearing in a Thor miniseries and the first Ares mini, Mikaboshi had the biggest reach during the Chaos War event series, forcing Hercules to assemble a group of gods and demigods known as the God Squad. A supremely dark villain, the near-limitless power writers have given this character might also be the reason he’s not seen more often; similiar problems to cosmic entities like Oblivion and Eternity, as well as dream-based foes like Nightmare. But I imagine a writer with some motivation and some interest could have an interesting story to tell with Amtasu-Mikaboshi, especially against the right hero or heroes.

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What about Woodgod?

Big fan of Woodgod, but he’s not a mythological god. Created by scientists!

Hercules! Hercules! HERCULES!

Ahem… Aries would be nice too.

I’d offer Gaea – providing Brother Nature was in the mix somewhere. Would like to see them cause a little environmental chaos in the Marvel U.

With two Hercules movies coming out soon (even if they both have great potential to suck), it would be foolish for Marvel not to bring their cult fan favorite version back for a for a solo run or on a team.

Actually, with two Hercules movies coming out soon (especially if they both have great potential to suck) if would be pretty foolish for Marvel to make one now. The history of multiple movies covering the same subject matter being released in close proximity to one another tends not the favor the ones that don’t get there first.

I think an interesting Herc movie could be made, but I’d hope they include Amadeus Cho in it. That could be enough to separate it from the other films that are going for a less mythological takes on the character.

Was Manitou involved with Red Wolf too or am I getting my Native American gods mixed up.

Richard: Red Wolf was given his powers by another Native American god, a Cheyenne god named Owayodata.

with the exception of Hercules
none of these characters could hold their own titles for more then a year

they are like Havok or War Machine, apparently they are super popular fan favorite characters…. who never are able to told their own individual series for more than 12 issues

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