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Stan Lee’s birthday present: One million Twitter followers

Stan Lee, from "I Am Furious (Yellow)"

Stan Lee, from “I Am Furious (Yellow)”

He helped create the Marvel Universe, he’s appeared in Marvel movies, he still draws huge crowds at comic conventions, he’s been a Simpsons character and he even has his own cologne — but perhaps Stan Lee’s biggest accomplishment comes today, on his 91st birthday, as the still-working writer finally hit one million followers on Twitter.

Back in August, a Public Service Announcement was released, asking folks to follow The Man on Twitter and push him into the one million followers club. Instead of jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, though, the Internet got together in secret and decided to wait to follow him — giving Lee the ultimate birthday present. Surprise!

In all seriousness, congratulations and happy birthday to Stan Lee! Check out Kevin’s post from yesterday to see some fun shots of Stan throughout the years.



That guy is 91!?! I had no idea! Congrats to him and here’s to another 91!

I hope he and Steve Ditko will make amends someday.

I second that notion.
After all, sturdy Steve Ditko is amazing and reigns supreme!

According to, of @TheRealStanLee’s followers, 13% are fake and 44% are inactive, leaving him with about 430,000 active followers. Which is about 428K more than mine.

hope by his hundrenth he by then finaly finds a way to make peace with steve ditko and also kirbys estate and hard to believe stan lee is now in his nineties.

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