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Stjepan Sejic mixes sexuality, heroes & humor in digital sketches


Sex and superheroes are a potentially dangerous combination, as controversies over the past couple of years involving depictions of Superman and Wonder Woman, Batman and Catwoman, and Starfire have demonstrated time and again. However, Stjepan Sejic isn’t afraid of jumping into the fire, and adding a dash of humor.

Sejic, artist of the Top Cow series Aphrodite IX as well as his graphic novel series Ravine, frequently posts amusing sketches, pin-ups and editorial cartoons such as the above on his DeviantArt page. He’s well aware of the fetishism aspects of superhero genre, specifically that of women, and even pokes fun at it in his work.


To date, Sejic’s printed work is primarily of the serious and sci-fi nature, but these superhero  illustrations are a surprising breath of fresh air for both fans and, as it appears, for Sejic as well.




Okay, this made me laugh.

I can definitely attest to the power of Deviantart. It is pretty amazing how frequently new, fresh art and unique takes on existing characters one can find on the site. This was a pretty funny (and awesome art) look at the other side of superheroes. Between this and the webcomic “JL8″ — the web itself is looking good!

I sent that first image to my in-laws by mistake .. damn u Mr. Sejic :-D

always happy to embarass you zupahman! XD

I giggled.

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