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Tradd Moore takes on the Secret Avengers (and M.O.D.O.K.)


In addition to launching All-New Ghost Rider in March with writer Felipe Smith, Luther Strode artist Tradd Moore supplies the cover for Secret Avengers #1. But first he knocked out some incredible character sketches of Nick Fury Jr., Black Widow, Spider-Woman and M.O.D.O.K., who are all featured in the illustration. Needless to say, they’re pretty awesome.

Check out the cover, and his Black Widow sketch, below. You can find the others on the artist’s blog.

moore-black widow

moore-secret avengers1-bw

moore-secret avengers1



The artists MARVEL currently has makes me want to puke! It’s all sort of a mix match of Japanese Manga art (IMO). I switched to DC after being a lifetime Marvel Zombie! Their artists are of a higher grade!

What are you smoking?! Tradd Moore is great. Who does DC have? They ran their best artist off his book.

Finch, Fabok, Ivan Reis, Paul Pell, Ken Lashely (who needs to do interiors asap), Booth, Jesus Merino….to name a few!

Tradd’s line and character work are incredible. One of the most perfectly fully formed, unique artists to appear in a LONG time.

Tradd Moore is great indeed, as a Marvel (and Tradd’s) fan I appreciate he’s working more often with them.

Paciently waiting for The Legacy of Luther Strode.

Love Tradd Moore’s work so much. So good.

Super happy with the artists Marvel has been utilising for their books of late. At a point where I’m getting as many Marvel books as I am Image. So much quality stuff from them right now. Love it so much. Good time to be a comics fan.

@TIN! You mean shitty Jim Lee clones…

you say Japanese Manga art like that’s a bad thing…

@Mudassir To be fair, Reis is more of a Neal Adams clone.

Tradd is one of my fave “new” artists working right now. Not going to tear down other artists to make that point, but to each their own.

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