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Travel Foreman reveals art from rejected ‘Doom Patrol’ pitch


Travel Foreman posted these pieces to his blog overnight, explaining that he and Jeff Lemire were agitating for a Doom Patrol reboot around the time the artist left DC Comics’ Animal Man. He fleshes out the proposal’s premise, which was a ground-up reimagining of the concept, owing little to previous iterations of the characters.

“I’ve expressed my interest in doing the book to DC several times,” Foreman writes, noting that 2013 is the team’s 50th anniversary, “but it doesn’t seem to be something that’s ever going to happen.”

He offers a bit of detail about the pitch on his blog — there’s a catastrophe on a space station, with the lone “survivor” a Rover that developed into a sentient robot — and indicates he plans to develop the idea into his own Doom Patrol “simulacrum.”

It sounds and looks like a smart, hard-SF, take on the concept.I’m generally not one for commenting much on the internal politics of DC, but I might guess the project was rejected because of the Doom Patrol name having a certain”‘radioactivity.” There have been how many relaunches of that series, and how many reboots of the DC Universe, since the last version to actually hold an audiences attention? That said, I wonder how DC passed on this, and then whenever the Doom Patrol does show up in the New 52, in Justice League, it’s in the form of the generally unloved mid-’70s line-up of characters like Celsius and Tempest.





Would of been really sweet with Foreman’s art!

Looks like there might have been a little of that surreal Grant Morrison/Doom Patrol vibe thrown in for good measure, too.

Looking forward to seeing this, under a different title obviously, late next year from Image.

I hope Foreman (and Lemire) file off the serial numbers and sell it elsewhere. This looks really good.

Geez, what a wasted opportunity.

Why is the 70’s lineup “unloved”? I know why the 80’s one is, but why the Robotman/Celsius/Tempest/Negative Woman roster?


I think he’s referring to how that version of the team never found any longterm traction. The had their own spotlight in Showcase and several guest appearances but demand/sales were apparently never high enough to warrant a series until Kupperburg and Lightle got the green light to do their partial overhaul, which of course ALSO didn’t find traction, leading to Morrison’s near complete overhaul.

What is Foreman working on these days?

his own creator owned stuff. check his blog linked in the article

this was NOT a pitch. I talked to Lemire, fielding his interest (he’s too busy) mentioned to a couple people at DC if Doom Patrol ever got rolling Id be interested in the job.

This was an idea for a creator-owned COPy of Doom Patrol. Nothing to get upset at DC about here, they have never seen this before.

Nice of Travel to explain the situation – thanks much, sir. I get a little tired of every behind the scenes article that doesn’t pan out into an actual series turning into a “what the hell is wrong with DC” rant. They are a company publishing a large number of characters. They have properties that they need to perpetuate because they are a business that uses those characters to make money. Not everything is a conspiracy against the creators.

Personally, when I read this, the first thing that I thought was, “Travel ought to do this himself and really make it the book that he wants it to be.”

I’ll buy it. Count me in.

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