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‘2000AD’ offers peek at Paul Grist’s ‘Demon Nic,’ plus more thrills

Demon Nic header

The good burghers of 2000AD have sent along a raft of preview images for new thrills they’ll be running in their venerable anthology in 2014:

• Paul Grist’s Demon Nic. Appearing in the creator-owned slot of the Judge Dredd Megazine previously held by critically acclaimed strips asNumbercruncher” and “Ordinary,” this will be Grist’s first work for the 2000AD stable since 1993.

Demon Nic

• Set in the Dredd universe, Lawless is by Dan Abnett and Phil Winslade. It’s always great to see new Winslade art, he’s an under-appreciated treasure.


• Another fan favorite returning to the pages of 2000AD in 2014 is Greg Staples. He’ll be teaming up this summer with definitive Dredd writer John Wagner on a multi-part epic restoring the Dark Judges to their central position in the future lawman’s rogues gallery.


• It seems 2014 is the year the 1990s are back in vogue at 2000AD: another returning artist is Nick Percival, who’ll be illustrating the Dredd storyline “Trauma Town,” written by Michael Carroll.




Hopefully that Paul Grist strip gets collected, because I can’t afford to buy the Megazine just for that.

Wow! That’s some amazing stuff to look forward too!
It’s certainly a great time to be a 2000AD and The Megazine reader! :-)

some great art as always

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