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A look at the cover process for ‘Furious’ #1


Wednesday marks the release of Furious, the Dark Horse superhero series from Bryan J.L. Glass and Victor Santos. As a follow-up to the interview ROBOT 6 conducted with the creators during our fifth-anniversary celebration, Dark Horse Associate Editor Jim Gibbons offered a look at the design process for the cover, promotional material and costume design.

First up are a series of sketches by Santos to, in Gibbons’ words, “help us decide upon the pretty unique cover design for Furious.”

Cover design 1r

Cover design 2r

Cover design 3r

Cover design 4r

cover design 5r 

cover design 6r

cover design 7-final-r

cover design 8

After the cover was finalized, Santos isolated the main Furious figure from the cover for use in promo images.

Furious promo 01r

Furious promo test 01r


Gibbons also shared early costume designs by Santos:

Furia Costume-r


Furia gloves-r


Furia Costume 2r


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