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Alex Ross illustrates new ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #1 variant cover

Bd9Bv1ZCcAAJ16y.jpg_largeYes, Amazing Spider-Man will return with a new #1 in April, as first leaked online a week ago and then confirmed by Marvel this past Sunday. One of comics’ most famous series making a semi-long-awaited comeback certainly seems like an opportune time for one of Alex Ross’s 12 75th anniversary variants scheduled for release from Marvel this year, and it looks like the publisher agrees. Ross’s Amazing Spider-Man #1 variant cover is also the cover of this month’s Previews, as revealed Monday on Twitter.

The first cover in Ross’s anniversary series is for Avengers #25, on sale next week. Ross also illustrated a variant for March’s Daredevil #1, another relaunched volume of a Marvel series birthed in the Silver Age.

While Ross’s Amazing Spider-Man cover pays tribute to the past, don’t expect the interior of the comic to be retro: “If we woke up in a world where J. Jonah Jameson was in the Bugle, and Peter Parker was taking pictures for a living, and Aunt May was in the hospital, I would shoot myself,” series writer Dan Slott told CBR in an interview on the new series. “It’s the ongoing story of Peter Parker, Spider-Man. His life moves forward.”

Update: A look at the cover sans text, courtesy of Marvel, below.




I knew it!!! Nice

Meh. Never a fan of painted Ross style. Unless its Bob Ross.

Alex Ross is great!

FYI….PREVIEWSworld tweeted the cover first:

Joe — thanks for the info; post edited to reflect that.

ross can do cover art, he’s inept with panel to panel art, kingdom come is the best example.

His life moves forward….unless it includes marriage apparently.


May 23, 2014 at 4:59 pm

I’m tired of reading this Ross bashing. Alex Ross is the best comic artist, and Kingdom Come is the second best comic book after Watchmen. He’s a great, great storyteller, an artist with a big A.

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