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Artist Patrick Dean offers effortless cosplay ideas


There are a lot of creative folks who put a lot of work into their cosplay costumes, and it really shows. Then there are others who wouldn’t mind dressing up, but they’re intimidated by the amount of work involved. For those people, artist Patrick Dean is here to help: He’s started a blog called My Half Ass Cosplay Ideas, which feature cheap and effortless costumes made from “stuff you probably already have in your closet.”

Check out some of his designs below, and visit his blog to see all of them.






BRILLIANT. Good for a laugh, but the very fact that you would want to go out wearing this should get you major points in life!

I think this would be a great costume competition at cons.

There’s already term coines for costuming in that style on the xoncention circuit “Closet Cosplay”.

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