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Check out Rafael Grampa’s bottle for Absolut Karnival


We’ve already seen Mesmo Delivery creator Rafael Grampa step into the spotlight for an Absolut vodka television and print campaign, but now we get a look at the label the artist designed for the limited-edition Absolut Karnival. You can see the bottle from different sides below.

According to Absolut Collectors World, although the bottle will make its official debut later this month in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, in time Carnival, it’s already making the rounds among collectors.





(photos via Absolut Collectors World)



Wish that Furry Water series be was doing at Dark horse would come out.

Amen Kelly, amen!

It’s beautiful artwork. I wish it would be available in the states. That said what’s he drawn because I’m going to look for his stuff.

I’m hoping it hits the states also. Really want a bottle for the collection.
Jesus his main book to get is Mesmo Delivery Service availible from Dark Horse. He’s done some covers and a few short stories but I want more!

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