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Color art from Jock & Max Landis’ ‘Adventures of Superman’ tale


Jock has debuted what I believe is the first look at color art from his upcoming Adventures of Superman collaboration with Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis. The Eisner Award-winning artist released an inked page from the two-part story, titled “The Sound of One Hand Clapping,” last month.

As the two pages indicate, it’s poised to be a rather nontraditional Superman tale, as it pits the Man of Steel against the Clown Prince of Crime, who usually busies himself with a more grounded nemesis.

Their digital-first story is joined in DC Comics’ January Adventures of Superman roster by B. Clay Moore and Gabriel Rodriguez’s three-part “Exposed,” Fabian Nicieza and Phil Hester’s “The Coming of … Sugar & Spike,” and Ron Marz and Evan “Doc” Shaner’s three-part “Only Child.”

The new Adventures of Superman lineup debuts Jan. 6 with“Exposed”; Landis and Jock’s contribution follows that storyline on Jan. 27.

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If I remember correctly didn’t the Joker have a story in a Batman prose short story collection called “The sound of One Hand Clapping” as well (I think the book came out in the late ’80’s early ’90’s).

Found it:

“The Sound of One Hand Clapping” by Max Allan Collins: A crime story and comic strip author, Collins seems a natural fit for Batman. He delivers a basic adventure with a light tone that feels like a script for the future animated series. The Joker falls for another costumed criminal called the Mime, whose make-up reads like a preparation for the animated series’ Harley Quinn invented a few years later. Robin also features in this fast and fun piece.

Now I’m excited for this, I know it’s digital first, but does anyone know when we can expect to see the physical copy come out?


I think it’s usually a month or two before it sees print.

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