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Comic-Con International to sell only single-day badges


Comic-Con International organizers have announced that four-day passes will not be sold for this year’s event, and that the Preview Night option will only be available to those who buy badges for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The news arrives just a month after preregistration was postponed until early this year so EPIC Registration could “fine-tune” the online system that so often frustrates would-be attendees. No specific time frame was offered for when preregistration will be open to those who bought badges in 2013, only “sometime in early 2014.”

The update also includes slight price increases, with adult badges for Thursday through Saturday rising $3 to $45, and Sunday jumping $6 to $30. (You can see a complete price breakdown below.)

Comic-Con has had to cap attendance at about 130,000 for several years now, and more recently began spreading panels and other events to nearby hotels and outdoor venues as organizers await the planned $520 million expansion of the San Diego Convention Center targeted for completion in 2018.

No reason was given for the elimination of the four-day badges, but New York Comic Con, which last year reached San Diego-sized attendance figures, reduced the number of three-day passes in an effort to allow more people to attend the event each day.

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I actually like this because it gives other people an actual chance to buy a ticket to see the show. Comic Con is the biggest con in the world. It has become such a huge monster, a Nerdvana if you will, and the online hoops people have to jump through to buy tickets is ridiculous. That, coupled with the fact that the convention would sell next year’s tickets to current con attendees at Comic Con made it a more difficult prospect for anyone remotely interested in attending the show to actually get a ticket. I tried, last year, to get a ticket online and it was just nuts. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will never be able to go.

With that in mind, I simply attend the smaller shows and that has been a blessing due to the fact that there are less attendees, less stress and more one-on-one time with creators whose work I admire.

What an absolute pain in the butt! So now you have to manged 5 separate badges for the weekend. Happen to grab the wrong one for the wrong day you’re screwed!

It would be one thing if they released the programming schedule first so you could decide which days were worth your while (I remember one year all the Twilight stuff was on Thursday, so you had all the Twi-hards with 5 day passes only using them for one day). But this way is just pure idiocy.

Ray, you can consolidate them onsite.

Oy… I didn’t think I would look back only five years ago to fondly remember when Comic Con tickets were at only $35 a day!

So $200 to go every day? Damn, I thought $50-60 back in the day was a lot…

I wonder how this is going to work, cause it seems like they run the risk of people wanting to fly in for the whole thing and only getting a day or two before the popular days sell out.

I don’t mind. The first year I went I got a 4-day badge, but didn’t even attend Sunday due to flight schedules. Last year I just bought Thurs-Sat anyway and had zero problems with it.

Good move. I usually only went Saturdays anyways.

That only helps if they only want locals to attend which is what WonderCon is for. Why would I spend $4k+ on flights and hotels if I can’t get a ticket for all the days because Saturday is sold out. Raise the price of the 4 day pass to $500 and add better programming and panels on Sunday to make it a good day for single day people. Better yet, sell tickets to hall H so they don’t need to waste time in line and waste a con ticket on someone that isn’t going to go to the con anyway.

Hope it’s not impossible to buy tix for the New York one. I’ve just booked my long service leave and plane tickets to fly over from Melbourne to attend -as a 50th birthday present that weekend!

The one year i´m trying to go and…

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