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Comics A.M. | Georgia man reports theft of 30,000 comics



Crime | A man in Augusta, Georgia, told police someone stole his collection of nearly 30,000 comics from a storage building at his friend’s home sometime between Nov. 13 and Dec. 30. Although the 85 boxes allegedly included signed issues, police valued the comics at just $1 each. [The Augusta Chronicle]

Publishing | ICv2 concludes its three-part interview with Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley with questions about variant covers, Marvel NOW!, and staying in New York City. [ICv2]

Publishing | Heidi MacDonald profiles new graphic novel publisher Magnetic Press, which is spearheaded by former Archaia and BOOM! Studios executives Mike Kennedy and Wes Harris. Magnetic will launch in April with a varied line that will focus strongly, but not exclusively, on translations of French comics. [Publishers Weekly]

Crime | It appears a convicted sex offender has been a guest of, and DJ at, several anime conventions over the past few years. A fellow guest at Aki Con alleged he drugged and raped her in a hotel room during the con; he was arrested and later released without bail. ANN got a statement from convention organizers (who say they don’t conduct criminal background checks on their guests) and investigated his connection with several other anime cons. [Anime News Network]

From "Julio's Day"

From “Julio’s Day”

Creators | Tom Spurgeon continues his holiday series with a lengthy interview with Gilbert Hernandez. [The Comics Reporter]

Libraries | Spurgeon also interviews writer Lucy Shelton Caswell, founder and former curator of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Artist Ramón Pérez explains how he adapted Jim Henson’s unproduced movie script into the graphic novel A Tale of Sand. [Tough Pigs]

Creators | Greg Pak talks about his work on Action Comics. [13th Dimension]

The Mighty Skullboy Army, Vol. 1

The Mighty Skullboy Army, Vol. 1

Creators | In a video recorded at the American Library Association conference in June, Eva Volin interviews The Mighty Skullboy Army creator Jacob Chabot. [Good Comics for Kids]

Creators | Emily Carroll is the latest guest on Dan Berry’s podcast. [Make It Then Tell Everybody]

Creators | Zainab Akhtar interviews 16-year-old artist Anatola Howard, who has been posting her work on DeviantArt since she was 10 years old and has already had a couple of comics published. [The Comics Journal]

Comics | Steve Morris talks to the editors of the Newcastle Science Comic, an anthology of educational comics about science by up-and-coming British creators. [The Beat]



a dollar a piece? actually sounds generous…unless theyre all golden/silver age you wouldnt even get that from a shop

From experience, for every 1000 comics there’s usually one winner in there. Chances are, although they might be books going back to 1989-1990, like most modern comic collectors, he probably has a few books from the silver age or something. They’re just not in mint condition.

I get a lot more than $1 each on ebay. Probably 2 to 3 times as much, you sell them in lots. With 30,000 comics, that’s a range up to $90,000. That guy got ripped off.

The guy should have had collectible insurance so he wouldn’t have to depend on the police determining the value of his collection in the event of a loss.

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