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ComiXology reveals 51% of its users are outside U.S.

ComiXology logoFifty-one percent of comiXology users are outside the United States, the New York City-based company revealed overnight. The announcement was accompanied by a global heat map (below) illustrating the popularity of the digital comics platform by country.

Following last week’s news that comiXology was the top-grossing non-games iPad app last year in the United States, the company added that it’s the top-grossing iPad book app in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. It’s also currently the No. 1 iOS book app in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, The Philippines and other countries.

ComiXology expanded its international reach in 2013 with the opening of a Paris-based European division, followed by distribution agreements with French publishers Delcourt, Glénat and a dozen others, as well as with Viz Media Europe.

The company, which offers more than 45,000 comics and graphic novels from more than 75 publishers, has surpassed 200 million downloadsand seen its female audience grow from 5 percent to 20 percent — since the digital-comics platform launched in 2007.

comixology map



I wonder how their downloads by females break down by country?

In other words, they mostly cater to people outside the reach of the direct market. Maybe we can finally put this “Direct Market is evil” / “Digital is THE future for everyone” / “No one likes going to comic shops” stuff to rest. It’s all about growing the pie and giving more people more option, or in this case giving people AN option to get comics. It’s a good thing. It shouldn’t be able playing different factions of people against each other and condemning other people’s way of life as “regressive”.

Man, it’s surprising but it makes sense in hindsight. I remember having a visitor — a huge comic book fan — from the Philippines over at our house. I donated several of my Avengers TPB’s because they just weren’t readily available in his home country. So yeah… makes sense.

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