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DeConnick, Schiti show off their workspaces


Ever wonder what comic book creators’ workspaces look like? Look no further — For The Bl0g has posted workspace photos from Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and upcoming Mighty Avengers artist Valerio Schiti that bring a little insight into where the comic book magic happens.

DeConnick’s workspace is decorated by numerous pieces of art and Captain Marvel pieces with organizational cabinets and shelves to spare, while Schiti’s features a tablet, cube bookshelves and many different Spider-Man pieces all over. It’s certainly interesting to see where comic creators work — and even more interesting to see what kind of comics populate their bookshelves.

For the Bl0g also posted a photo of Leinil Yu’s workspace, which the artist revealed on his tumblr in 2012.

Kelly Sue DeConnick's workspace

Kelly Sue DeConnick’s workspace

Valerio Schiti's workspace

Valerio Schiti’s workspace

via For The Bl0g



I really like DeConnick’s studio/office space. It’s all fancy and pretty.

Schitti’s is a lot more regular but still cool.

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