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Exclusive preview | ‘X-Force’ #1 by Si Spurrier and Rock-he Kim


Writer Si Spurrier and artist Rock-he Kim will relaunch X-Force next month as part of All-New Marvel NOW!, recasting the team as covert super-agents — players in a global shadow game — operating on behalf of mutantkind. Or, as Cable puts it, “Nation of mutantkind needs a dirty tricks department. We’re it.”

“We’re going to see them on hits,” Spurrier told Comic Book Resources in November. “We’re going to see them stealing intelligence, technology and weaponry from other factions. We’re going to see them truffling-out emergent threats and destroying them before they can get started. It’s broadly the same denominator of old — a black ops X-Men team — but with a lot more of an emphasis on International and inter-factional competition. The whole thing, of course, is a grand and grim metaphor for the secret black-technology race going on under our noses every day.”

To prepare readers for the team’s new mission, Marvel has provided ROBOT 6 with an exclusive preview of X-Force #1.

Variant Cover by Phil Noto
Sketch Variant by Phil Noto
Animal variant by Cook
Almost every sovereign state in the Marvel Universe makes use of sanctioned superhumans to protect national interests and pursue a covert agenda. The United States has the Secret Avengers. The United Kingdom has MI13. And mutantkind has X-FORCE. In this dirty, secret, no-holds-barred, deadly game of superhuman black ops, veteran X-Man Cable and his team will spy, torture, and kill to ensure that the mutant race not only has a place in the world…but also a stake in it.






Is it just me or does Marrow look a lot like Jack from Mass Effect?

Also, this art looks amazing, I think Rock-he kim has a chance of doing some seriously good work.

By the way, does anyone know who Cable is fighting?

Looks like 2014 is the year of Marvel saving money on artists.

Another day, another preview with unattractive art. Another comic removed from my pull list.

Is Cable still using the “Fake” Metal arm? If so why remove the Techno organic virus just to have him sport a “fake” metal arm? why not have him used two Mechanical arms and balance the thing out.

I guess you don’t like good art huh Dave?

What’s with the red and orange rings? Reminds me of Tekken. Art looks different from most books, looking forward to this title!

The individual panels look great, but there’s some poor storytelling and some very stiff figures. I think the artist would do much better with covers

The artist isn’t perfect (the cover for issue 2 or 3 had a HORRIBLE anatomy mistake) but these 3 pages are amazing
Has a adi granovi kinda thing going on but with more movement and ferocity

what storytelling problems? I see 0 failure in panel by panel coherence, I don’t see anywhere where you can not understand what’s happening.
What’s the problem?

Stiff, poorly composed interaction between the characters… The proportions of their faces change from angle to angle. And, he’s hiding bad work with gradients, blurs, dirt and fire effects.

This looks more like teenaged fan art rather than professional work.

I think the art is absolutely horrible but to be honest who really cares anyway? It’s not like this dude is going to draw more than 3 or 4 consecutive issues before Marvel starts the round-robin of changing artists on every issue anyway.

By issue 12 (if this direction-less series lasts that long) I guarantee you there’ll have been at least 4 different artists illustrating this book…if not more.

One writer and one artist per book has been basically abandoned by Marvel.


the transition of the girl (Marrow?) looking blanky then smiling while peering through the scope looks stiff and awkward. Part of it is the colorist’s fault, and maybe storytelling isn’t the proper word for it, but panel to panel transitions look pretty bad, which is why art this heavily detailed is typically used for covers and not interiors

Hmm… Not really my kind of art. Why is everyone so shiny?

X-force lost it’s charm a while ago. After Warren was “killed” off and Fantomex was split into 3 different people, the series has been all down hill. Now thy’re just battling crazy Bishop and grizzly bears. I’m over it.

That wad bad.

Why is Psylocke hair not purple?????…………….

Her hair is permanently purple. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!……………

So… Psylocke’s hair looks off. And who is that supposed to be? I don’t read either of the current X-Force books, so is that suppose to be Hope? Apparently it could be Marrow. I’ll give this issue a try, but the art is bad, and the current X-Force books together aren’t half as good as Uncanny X-Force v1 was.

I gave both of the current X-Force books 3 issues to win me over and neither did. Oh well, since Psylocke is the only character I care about from those books (and just barely), I can just read Adjectiveless X-Men for the most part, and I doubt this will be involved in any crossovers, so I won’t feel bad for. It reading it if it does suck.

20 comments and not one mention of the (very talanted) new writer. Just whining fan-boys whining about hair colour… Jeez.

I for one am very much looking forward to this new X-force and can’t wait to see where Si Spurrier takes it.

I really hate fanboys……….

It looks as if Cable is using some sort of teleportation field of some sort or maybe it is the person he’s fighting? I think the artwork is great! There will always be room for improvement but Rock-he is off to a great start. I kind of miss the “bone” look marrow used to sport but it is what it is. As for the overall look of the team I think it makes a lot more sense in terms of style and function. I do agree with Cable losing the metal arm gimmick. Let this character evolve already!


Since when has Psylocke’s hair permanently been purple? AFAIK, it never has. In her original body, she was a natural blonde and dyed it purple. That made sense since she was Captain Britain’s TWIN sister. Kwannon had naturally black hair, not purple. Though it is typically purple, that’s not its natural color. The dye job has been mentioned a few times. It’s not like she’s related to Purple Man or anything. LOL Writers just don’t mention it (much) since it’s really not a big issue.

As for the metal arm thing…. Cable most recently had the metal arm because of atrophy. The muscles in that left arm never really got any use due to the TO virus. With that gone, he had used the metal arm as a placeholder. One would assume that he’d have to use it until he could bring it up to par with the right. Comics being what they are, they will NEVER get rid of the metal arm. It’s core to his basic design. That’d be like Dr. Doom ditching the mask.

Her hair color is purple but it is not a permanant purple. I agree with Rob but I’ll go further by saying while in X-Force her hair is black for stealth and maybe X-force is the only team she is on as of now. I noticed in a few other books they have been slowly fading the purple hair out.

As for the arm, Rob is correct again. The arm is in a metal case because of atrophy. Once it becomes stronger he could do away with it but the metal arm his Cable’s gimmick so in the long run it’s not going anywhere.

The worst art I´ve seen in a very long, long time.

Art is not something you judge with a list and checkmarks. It’s about the totality of the experience in viewing the image. It’s like, Drake can’t rap, but he makes good songs kinda thing. The totality of the experience with this art is the in the color palette, the various textures, and the general tone it creates. It looks a little different from other books on the shelves. It’s kinda cool.

agree with you sarah


when you first see these pages it looks kinda kool

but the longer i look, my reaction changes to “that’s not very good”

looks like some deviant artist got hired, maybe he can improve the longer he works on the book,

They’ll have a fill in, or a mediocre/so-so artist after the first arc anyway. Marvel can’t keep artists on rotation on one title, they rotate with all the other titles.

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