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Fans revive Marvel’s El Aguila in pitch-perfect fashion


A lot of Marvel and DC characters crop up time and again in fan comics: the Bat-family, the Young Avengers, the X-Men, Hawkeye … But do you know who doesn’t get a lot of love? El Aguila, the late-’70s mutant swashbuckler — he used a sword to discharge electricity — who, in keeping with Marvel comics of the era, faced off against heroes like Power Man, Iron Fist and Hawkeye only to team up with them after they realized they were on the same side.

If you’re not aware of him, it’s understandable; he was fun and flashy, but never a major player (or even a mid-level one, for that matter). But Pablo Dura, David Abadia and Sergio Cordoba aim to change that with their fan comic El All-New Aguila #1, which comes with All-New Marvel NOW! branding, an interview with the “hot writers” and an ad for the Disney XD animated series.

It’s pretty sharp, reintroducing Alejandro Montoya as a faded hero who aims to reignite his career, if only to help sell copies of his memoir. It’s lighthearted stuff, with appearances by S.H.I.E.L.D., the Heroes for Hire, and even Thor.

Take a peek below, and read the entire issue here.

aguila cover





OMG that is awesome!!

Thanks Kevin!! That’s very kind of you!! :-) Cheers!

I agree with the statement ‘OMG that is awesome!!’

Feel free to share and retweet. We’re trying to get as many people as possible to read it. Don’t break the chain people! Hopefully it’ll reach Marvel editors at some point. Thanks!! :-)

That was fun. I’ll pay the $3,99 for a comic like that.

Now that was a fun read, a real fun read!

LOVE this.

It really reminds me of Dan Slott’s old She-Hulk book in all the right ways. Just a lot of fun and clearly in love with Marvel history.

I would totally buy every issue of this if Marvel made it.

-ZacWilliam, This is really everything I want in a Marvel Comic….

Guys, thanks everyone for the kind words! We are very happy with the result and the response we’re getting from readers. It’s a blast! Our intention wasn’t to ever see El Águila published, just to get editors, from Marvel or any other publisher, to see our sample work and, hopefully, get a job offer at some point. But, hey! Ir Marvel wants to publish our take on El Águila de wouldn’t say no :-)

Again, thanks everyone for taking the time to read our work. Greatly appreciated!

Kang the Conqueror

January 18, 2014 at 6:42 am

I loved it. It was simultaneously old school Silver Age comic fun with a new Modern Age humor/sensibility. This would make an excellent comic! The Disney XD pic was also fabulous (and pitch perfect!). If someone higher up the food chain doesn’t have a light bulb go off over their head after reading this, then they are throwing money away. I could even see this as an episode/story arc in the Agents of SHIELD show. The way the characters and concept were presented was very versatile and that’s no accident. Good work!

This is one of the most enettaining books I’ve read in awhile. It taps into that Deadpool/Dan Slott She-Hulk for me. I’d love to see Marvel publish this. I’d buy it.

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