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For the safety-minded Batpod rider: a helmet with Bat-ears


If you’re going to be cruising around on your Batpod, the only real choice for protective headgear is the HD100 helmet, which despite what the generic name suggests, is made for the Gotham streets. (It was initially referred to as the Dark as Night helmet, but perhaps Helmet Dawg feared drawing the notice of Warner Bros.)

The Department of Transportation-approved full-face helmet boasts interchangeable clear and tinted visors, adjustable vents and, best of all, soft and flexible Bat-ears.



(via uncrate)



Celty Sturluson?

It looks like cat ears, it would have been more impressive if it had some other tech that would make bike riding safer, there is no point. I would understand if it had special lighting in the ears and a HUD in the helmet for a better view of your night surroundings and bike telemetry.
But this is nothing more than low grade cosplay.

RDPA: I can’t tell if you’re making a joke or if you’re being yet another fanboy git on the internet. I’m leaning towards the latter.

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