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Gerard Way teases cat comic ‘All Ages’


Although Gerard Way’s concept art for the long-awaited third chapter of The Umbrella Academy received a lot of attention just before Christmas, the images he revealed last week for another project seem to have gone largely unnoticed outside of his Twitter followers. That’s a shame, too, because they’re of clothes-wearing cats. And at least one of them smokes.

The former My Chemical Romance frontman teased that the characters — Jones, Lemon and Koko — are for “All Ages,” but that he “hadn’t intended to do this comic for a while.” However, that could change, considering the interest shown by his followers.

Way’s latest Dark Horse miniseries The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys concluded last week.

all ages-lemon

all ages-koko

all ages-jones

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“All-Ages”?? But… but… THERE’S SMOKING IN THAT LAST ONE!!!! Our kids’ minds will be polluted by big tobacco and they’ll start smoking and die!!!!!!

Gerard had tweeted that the comic will be titled “All Ages” as a reference to punk shows that were all ages rather than 21+. He also tweeted that it will have mature themes in it.

There is very little that could make me happier than a comic about cats from Gerard Way. He should get Vasilis Lolos for the art and complete his PIXU collection of collaborators.

i love gerard way and i love his comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i thought it was fine for all ages and kids that young won’t want to smoke!!!! they probably don’t even know way it is!

Gerard Way making a comic on cats! What could be better than that? My sister will go crazy when she finds out!!!

I love Gerard Way’s music and how he uses that same passion in his comic books! He’s so creative and most people would have taken a comic book about cats and made it cutesy and fun, but this style is VERY different. That’s what makes Gerard’s talent so unique.

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