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Grant Morrison drops a few more hints about ‘Nameless’

nameless teaserSpeaking of Grant Morrison, the writer has offered a few more details about his upcoming collaboration with Batman Incorporated artist Chris Burnham, announced Thursday at Image Comics’ Image Expo.

Called Nameless, the six-issue miniseries was described at the event by Burnham as “the ultimate horror comic.” However, that barely scratches the surface.

As Morrison tells USA Today, “We’re taking all the dark stuff that Western culture’s kind of obsessed with — the zombies and everything — beyond the limit and doing hopefully for now what H.P. Lovecraft did for the wartime generation.”‘

Nameless, it turns out, is the name of the protagonist, whom the writer characterizes as both a screw-up and highly intelligent, a person “super high functioning in how he makes connections between things.”Beyond that, Morrison isn’t offering any specifics, except to say, “”I’ve been studying nihilistic philosophy, which is basically the most depressing stuff on Earth.” But Burnham teased at Image Expo that, “[Morrison] has never done a straight-up, ball-to-the-wall horror book. That’s what I told him I wanted, and that’s what we’re doing. I think it’s going to be awesome and terrible, and hopefully some 11-year-old kids will steal it, and it’ll ruin their lives forever.”



Sounds good. Too bad Chris Burnham is an awful artist, though.

fuzzy nerf herder

January 10, 2014 at 1:56 pm

Catsmeow, awful in this case is subjective. you being a dick isnt.

You lack a great deal of taste and class, catsmeow. Chris Burnham is an insanely talented artist and a really creative guy.

“We’re taking all the dark stuff that Western culture’s kind of obsessed with — the zombies and everything — beyond the limit and doing hopefully for now what H.P. Lovecraft did for the wartime generation.”‘…..Tall order, but I think if anyone could pull it off, it’d be Morrison. I actually considered we3 pretty horrific, as well. If this is anything like that, I’m very interested.

“We’re taking all the dark stuff that Western culture’s kind of obsessed with — the zombies and everything — beyond the limit and doing hopefully for now what H.P. Lovecraft did for the wartime generation.”

So they are going to publish fantastic creative groundbreaking genre-defining original stuff that will be largely ignored for a few decades until later when it is picked up, exploited, and bastardized buy a trendy sub-culture. Will it also eventually be milked by the corporations that feed said sub-culture all while convincing them that they really are creative, original individuals rebelling against some imagined mainstream oppressors (despite all liking the same stuff, dressing and thinking the same) and not a bunch of consumer whores (like every other so called sub-culture) like those they’ve been taught to hate during their indoctrination into their current state, divided and conquered by profiteers. After a century later will it still be desperate for a film translation that doesn’t absolutely blow?

Isn’t it too late for Grant Morrison to try and be unappreciated in his time, and to be diminished and dismissed by critics as a low brow writer because genre fiction can’t possibly be intelligent, intellectually stimulating and have anything important to say?

The Lovecraft analogy is unfortunate, and not only seems a bit ignorant of how Lovecraft was treated and received in his time, but also seems extremely narcissistic.

SanityisSubjective… cynical much?

I don’t know about that artist, but it looks like that image looks inspired from Planetary #6 cover.

Sounds cool. But uhm… what about Multiversity? I’m guessing at this point that’s not happening anymore.

You know the stories I am tired of seeing, is the ones they all take place on that backwards rock called Earth, can’t they come up with somewhere else more original to tell a story than the obvious exploitation by a movie studio. Always a city on earth, no originality at all.

Turdmurder- If I was cynical I would have asked if it was going to include racist stereotypes, a bent towards European/Western Culture superiority and xenophobic demonization of any “non-white” race or culture (except the Irish, who Lovecraft for some reason didn’t group with other Western Europeans), and a tinge of eugenic based beliefs….

but I’m not THAT cynical…heh.
Lovecraft was a genius, but definitely had major character flaws. The literary epitome of the self hating narcissist.
I really just felt Morrison’s Lovecraft reference and analogy betrayed a bit of ignorance about the man and his work; especially in regards to how it was received by the majority of his contemporaries and his contemporary audience.

Chris Burnham is actually terrible. He draws the ugliest faces, and everyone has bizarre bodies. No thank you.

I thought SanityisSubjectives summary of Lovecraft’s history and contemporary positioning in popular culture was extremely well-informed and an accurate observation. I don’t see anything cynical in recognizing the truth.

Seems to me rather than “being like Lovecraft” what he’s getting at means the general thematic thrust of the horror being one that reflects the zeitgest, like Lovecraft’s did: in his case it was man’s smallness in the face of the hostile cosmos, our negligibility (sp?) in the cosmic scheme of things, which derived from the contemporary progress of science / technology and the world war(s?)

So what’s the current version of that? How do “zombies and everything…” (vague much?) reflect what troubles us in this day and age.

And of course, Morrison always talks a great abstract game, then his work is something else again – what he says isn’t always what it ends up looking like.

Burnham is pretty good – maybe a bit wonky on figures, but does the entire environment well, which I think makes particularly good for Morrison, who IMO benefits from slightly more cartoony collaborators, but ones who can show the space around the characters (quietly being the ultimate)

I can’t afford another book in my pull list, but I’m adding this anyway.

Hmm. This is a hard choice.

On the one hand I really like part of the works by these creators.

On the other hand I despise nihilism, Lovecraft, mindrape, and cosmic horror that fucks people up completely.

On the third hand, the main character sounds like me.

We’ll see. I have no doubt that it will be high quality in any case.

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